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Castlevania Bloodlines early prototype released

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by Shoemanbundy, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. Shoemanbundy


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    A prototype of Castlevania Bloodlines that's even earlier than the infamous 0.5 build made its way out yesterday.



    Some more analysis here:

    Rom link:

    Will this bring out the 0.5 proto or any other builds? One can only hope!
  2. ICEknight


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    EDIT: Oops, tried the wrong ROM.

    Oh my god, that intro:
  3. Hukos


    It only goes up to level 2 and just loops back to level 1 afterwards. I have no idea if there's a way to see if the infamous blimp level exists in this prototype or not. This is a fantastic find, however!
  4. ICEknight


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    It's kind of weird that setting the region to "Japan" gives a "Vampire Killer" copyright screen but a "Castlevania Bloodlines" title screen, almost as if they were making this game more with the overseas public in mind.
  5. ICEknight


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    Found the level RAM value, these are the inaccessible levels:

    Uninteresting fall to your death (clone of the water-rising boss fight, I guess).
    This seems to be there just in case that the player somehow managed to go back upstairs from the boss screen, but they messed up the player coordinates. =P

    Uninteresting copy-paste of a previous level but without water and a bad palette.

    Quick entrance to the Tower of Pisa.

    The non-leaning Tower of Pisa.
  6. Shoemanbundy


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    The Konami code on the titlescreen also opens up a level select, but it looks like you found all there is. My guess is they didn't have much of the game past the first two levels complete at this time, so they stripped it down to those two levels and got rid of the rest in order to avoid people from seeing the incomplete mess and getting a bad impression.
  7. AbsoluteG


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    Ah nice, I'm glad to see this proto finally out there. I remember when it was still an auction and stuff :P. I actually really like the new title music.

    I'm currently looking through all of the stuff inside of the rom, as well as working on a in-depth proto comparison. I've actually managed to do some object hacking and have listed down all objects that are present in the game. It seems from my current impressions, there could have definitely been some stuff stripped from the rom, as there are some bits of art for some Stage 4 and 5 things, as well as some strange objects I had never seen before.

    Interestingly, this prototype uses what seems to be Rocket knight adventure's compression format for its level layout and art. Unlike the final version which uses what seems to be modified version of it (which can't be used with the "Rocket" format compressor/decompressor.). I was able to decompress the art and look at what was there.

    Here is a listing of what I've found.
    Code (Text):
    1. 00071302 - Skeleton Enemy
    2. 00071CAC - Skeleton Accessories
    3. 000720BE - Crow Enemy
    4. 00072516 - Zombie Enemy
    5. 000730FE - Bone Dragon Enemy
    6. 00073B52 - Bat Enemy
    7. 00073E4A - Stage 1 Boss?
    8. *00075760 - Unknown, it has a fireball and a lot of bonelike sprites, but I'm not sure what its supposed to be.
    9. *00076D74 - More unknown tiles.
    10. *00078EB0 - A large chunk of blank tiles with 3 orbs in them.
    11. 000790AE - Unknown, some kind of enemy. it has a face, but what it is i have no idea. I had trouble assembling it, so i give up
    12. 00079BE0 - Medusa Head enemy
    13. 0007A0F8 - Minotaur Enemy
    14. 0007AAD4 - Stage 2 Boss
    15. 0007C2E6 - More Stage 2 Boss Stuff
    16. 0007CF66 - Even more Stage 2 Boss Stuff
    17. 0007DAAE - Harpy Enemy
    18. 0007E4AA - Merman Enemy
    19. 0007FB1C - Hellhound miniboss
    20. 000810B6 - More Hellhound stuff
    21. *000818C4 - Stage 2 midboss (giant mace knight),
    22. *000822C8 - A very odd, what seems to be unused plant enemy.
    23. *00082C18 - The vine enemy from Stage 5
    24. *00083A84 - Some kind of enemy, and some cannonballs?
    25. 00084B3E - Peeping eye enemy
    26. 000851A4 - Stage clear orb
    27. 00085358 - Debug Numbers
    28. 00085412 - An Unused enemy presumably for Stage 5, He has a fire attack and seems to hop around (!!)
    29. 00085D48 - Stage 5 Moth Boss from the unreleased prototype
    30. 0008748a - Boss Accessories for the Stage 5 boss.
    31. 00087D54 - 2 tiles and then a ton of blank tiles. clearly very unfinished.
    32. 00087E12 - Mummy enemy (Stage 3)
    33. 000887C8 - Main game font (Title/Option/etc)
    34. 0008892A - Title Screen Logo
    35. 00089B2A - Early password border. I believe this is also in 0.5 too, and maybe even in the final as well.
    36. 00089B40 - Character select art borders
    37. 000898F6 - A miniature version of the title screen. its loaded in the PLC, according to hex data, but isn't seen anywhere.
    38. 0008A46C - Character select fonts
    39. 0008A7D4 - HUD tiles, Pause logo (Unused), and selection cursor from title screen
    40. 0008C072 - Candles, Gems, Subweapons, 1up, Money, and other things
    41. 0008C8C2 - Subweapon Candle
    42. 0008C92A - Skull and Book Powerup
    43. 0008C9EC - Powerups for Eric
    44. 0008CB8E - Powerups for Johnny
    45. 0008CCE6 - Special subweapon icons exclusive to this beta
    46. 0008CE36 - Whip sprites
    47. 0008D490 - Powered up whip sprites and lightning whip
    48. 0008DB22 - Spear Sprites
    49. 00090210 - Spear special attack sprites
    50. 0009056C - Whip effect and enemy death effect
    51. 00090940 - What might be a falling chandellier. I think this may have been in Stage 5.
    52. 00090BE6 - 1-8 Swinging axe, 1-7 blood droplets, a chain and some other weird things.
    53. 00091226 - 1-7 rotating trap spike platform (it's also used as a placeholder for the logs in Stage 2)
    54. 00091566 - Some unknown thing, Stage 3 leaning tower platforms, Water surface, and the log tiles to those platforms in S2. They aren't used in this build
    55. 00091820 - Seemingly some pillar tiles either to Stage 2 or Stage 3.
    56. 00091976 - Door
    57. 000919d4 - Door Open
    58. 00091d16 - Stage 1-2 Art
    59. 00092240 - Stage 1-2/3/4 Art
    60. 00093302 - Stage 1-2/5 BG
    61. 00093652 - Stage 1-4 Art
    62. 00093C2E - Stage 1-6/7/8 Art
    63. 000946D2 - Stage 1-7/8 FG
    64. 0009554a - Stage 1-9 Skeleton
    65. 00095dA8 - Stage 1-9 BG and FG
    66. 000965D8 - More FG Stuff
    67. 00097594 - Stage 1-10/11 FG and BG
    68. 00097ADA - Stage 1-11 Castle BG
    69. 000985A4 - Stage 2-1 BG
    70. 00098A60 - Stage 2-1/5 FG
    71. 00099204 - Stage 2-2/3/4 FG
    72. 00099AB2 - Stage 2-2/3/4 BG and assets
    73. 0009AF7C - Stage 2-5 BG and Head
    74. 0009BB96 - Stage 2-6 BG/FG and some boss stuff?
    75. 0009C680 - Stage 3-2 Art and BG
    76. 0009CE68 - Stage 3-3 FG Art
    77. 0009D1D2 - Stage 1-1 FG and BG Art
    78. 0009D892 - Stage 1-1 Animated Grass
    79. 0009DB2E - More Stage 1-1 FG tiles
    80. 0009DFA0 - Animated Grass Frame 2
    81. 0009E248 - Animated Grass Frame 3
    82. 0009E4EC - Stage 1-1 FG Art Continued
    83. *0009F2E2- Stage 1-1 Clouds at the top of the stage.
    84. *0009F44E - Stage 4's Boss
    85. 000A04B4 - Mace Enemy from Stage 2
    86. *000A106C - An early Frankenstein, presumably from Stage 4
    87. 000A2542 - Water Magician miniboss from 2-3
    I'm gonna keep combing through stuff to see if I can find anything else. Level-wise, 3-3 seems to be the last entry, internally. there are no other levels on the list. so no later levels it seems.
  8. Hukos


    The Sega Genesis/Mega Drive wasn't exactly selling like hotcakes in Japan but was doing pretty well in the west. Konami seemed to have jumped on board with the Genesis in 1993... right around the same time the PC-Engine started to lose steam in Japan - starting with Rocket Knight Adventures. I'm guessing ever since RKA, Konami had planned to make a Genesis Castlevania game made for the west, and when they eventually got around to it, we got Bloodlines.

    Also, aside from the first couple of Castlevania games - they don't really sell well in Japan. I'd have to dig to find the raw sales data, but it seems like Simon's Quest kind of killed the franchise in Japan (The Famicom Disk System version of Simon's Quest has loading times that make Sonic 06 jealous, for what it's worth). For all intents and purposes - Castlevania is a franchise aimed at the west through and through.
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  10. MathUser


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    I thnik hidden palace had this rom a long time ago.
  11. ICEknight


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    You must be thinking of the earlier prototype, which doesn't have the zeppelin room.
  12. MathUser


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    Yeah, I was. Neils had the 0.1 proto. Where did the 0.5 come from?
  13. Shoemanbundy


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    I'll sum it up just in case this info means anything someday.

    The 0.5 build was sold on eBay in the early 2000s by a user named TARA200. Collector Niels bought it and years later sold the ROM for $3k to the guy who, after holding onto it for the past several years, shared the ROM today. The original plan was to use the cut stuff from it and hack it into the final to make it into some sort of ultimate edition, but it never was fully realized.

    I originally owned the 0.1 cart and traded the guy for his 0.5 ROM back in 2016. I've been messaging him sporadically the past few years asking if he'll finally release it since I eventually did put the 0.1 ROM out there myself. Yesterday I emailed after not being in touch over a year and he surprisingly was very quick to just say yes and release it.

    There's a couple more builds out there that I'm hoping to still track down and hopefully get released some day :)
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  14. ArmonteSalvato


    Thanks for the clarification! I assumed that this was an even earlier prototype, but it turns out it's an intermediate of sorts. So 0.1 and the European beta were released first, and now 0.5 is the most recently released.

    The walking animation for Eric in 0.5 is the same as in 0.1 - he holds the spear on his shoulder. Oddly enough, here's the progression of death animations throughout the versions:
    • 0.1
      • John Morris instantly turns into a pile of bones, Ghosts 'n Goblins style
      • Eric just stays on the ground, no spear impaling occurs
    • 0.5
      • John still turns into bones, but the animation is more detailed. I guess they realized the GG style death was too cartoonish when the rest of the game is supposed to be kind of gruesome. For some reason the last frame of animation doesn't look right though - it contains the same graphics from 0.1, but it seems like they screwed up the mappings.
      • Eric gets impaled
    • Final
      • Since they couldn't figure out a proper bone animation, John just gets MS Painted out of existence.
      • Eric is the same as 0.5