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Castle of Illusion remake (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by TimmiT, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. That's Mickey Mania which is also pretty alright, although the second level (The Mad Doctor) is notoriously long and difficult due to it originally being one of the later levels, but they moved it to second because they wanted it in chronological order of when the cartoons were released.
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    That's Mickey Mania, also known as Mickey's Wild Adventure on the PS1 (which is the version I own). I liked it back when I was a kid, I'm not sure if it still holds up.
  3. Watching the trailer again, Mickey looks pretty badly animated in it, especially when he reacts to the lightning. I hope this isn't a reflection of how the actual game is animated.
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    There's honestly not that many. Both Mickey and Donald have an unusually high success rate when it comes to video games (particularly when you take Kingdom Hearts into account) - Disney don't whore out their characters as much as other companies.

    From what I understand there's some tat on the GameCube and the 80s wasn't pleasant, but we've had Sega, Capcom, Rare and Travellers Tales making Mickey games over the years. I don't know if any really reach the stage of outstanding excellence but it would be wrong for me to call them "bad"
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    True, looking back Mickey and Donald video games have always ranged from mediocre to great.
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    So a Mickey download game gets that, but Sega's main franchise gets Sonic 4...

    Regardless, this still looks cool and I'll more than likely give it a go.
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    Well yeah, I mean this isn't likely to show up for iOS and Sonic 4 was basically the game that comes after Sonic Triple Trouble in a lot of ways, more an evolution of the handheld games than anything console-related.
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    Rewatched it again, and I agree. The animation is really stiff. Hopefully it's just because they outsourced the teaser to some cheap company.
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    So likely already been discussed, but the screenshot where Mickey is looking at the doors - it's obviously inspired by the SMS version, not the Genesis version. The Genesis version didn't give you a choice of levels, but rather you walked past huge golden doors in a hall of endless doors. The SMS version began in a stone dungeon like that with 3 doors for you to choose, and beating those 3 doors took you to a new set of doors.

    That is a great thing. It seems they haven't forgotten about the SMS version, which has quite a large fanbase over the 16-bit version. It's looking less like this is a straight up remake of the genesis game and more like it's own 3rd version to go along with the originals, a sort of mix of the two versions. We've already seen the apples from the Genesis version, for example. Hopefully Mickey's pick-up-and-throw move from the SMS version is included, as are the permanent health upgrades.

    The few bits of level design we've seen don't mimic any of genesis or SMS versions. The bit where he's bouncing on the springs, for example, happens in neither version.

    I am infinitely more excited about this than Ducktales. I suspect ducktales will wind up being more popular, but this is pulling from better source material and has a lot better talent surrounding it (made by Sega, directed by the original Castle of Illusion director, Grant Kirkhope remixing what is already a superior soundtrack).

    This is the one classic Sega series I was 100% sure we'd never seen continued. That Sega themselves is developing it is just the icing on the cake. Last year we saw Sega take on Nintendo head to head with Transformed and coming out on top. Now we have Sega taking on Capcom again in an age old semi-rivalry. The golden days are coming back.

    Oh, and in case it's not already obvious, I was firmly in the Sega-Disney crowd in the early 90's, not the Capcom-disney crowd. Sega's disney offers are still the best ever, IMO. Neither Capcom, Virgin, SquareEnix, or anybody else has managed to top what Sega put out using those IPs IMO. I would adore another Quackshot next.

    I'd say Coca-Cola kid is the game that comes after Triple Trouble lol
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    A comparison of the door screens from all 3 games:

    Sega Master System:


    HD Remake:

    Maybe I'm just seeing what I want to see, but it seems much more in line with the SMS version's level select screen than the Genesis version's level intro screen.
  11. I do see what you mean, I even loaded up my Game Gear Version myself (but now my Game Gear's screen just broke oh geez)

    Also, the screenshot where Mickey has just gone through the gate doesn't seem to be like the original, so either they've made it more coherent where you go through a door and it shows were you came from, or this is some kinda tutorial level or intro level, before you enter the actual castle.
  12. Its a mixture of both. Notice how it has a similar shape to the SMS version, but has the extra windows like the GEN version.

    And both areas have 3 doors on one floor and three on the next. The GEN versions other doors aren't shown in its picture.
  13. Steven M

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    Glad to hear it's not a simple upscaled emulation of the game. Sad to see the graphics suck ass though. Where did all the color and charm go?
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    Well S4E2 was pretty good...
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    That spider was in World of Illusion too.
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    You guys have forgotten about Sonic Blast, also known in Japan as "Gee, Sonic!". =P
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    But Sonic blast doesn't use the Sonic & Tails engine

    But coca-cola kid does
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    Wow. This looks awesome. Can't wait to see some footage.
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    I just wanted to chip in again because I am honestly super excited for this.

    I haven't played the SMS version so I am unsure of the intro but if the intro in the trailer was meant to mirror the Megadrive / Genesis version where is the Mickey and Minnie dancing / kidnap? It was that initial scene which fuels the entirety of the game, in the trailer it just looks like mickey decides to go and trespass in a castle.

    As I say, I haven't played the SMS version so if the intro in the teaser trailer is faithful to that please forgive me.
  20. Abominal Taz

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    I can't wait for this. I never got a chance to play SMS version, mostly because I didn't know about it for a while, but I'm looking forward this.