Cancelled SegaSonic game SegaSonic Bros. (1992) found

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    Sonic 3D Beta on Mega Drive had assets used buried in the ROM that were later used in the Saturn version (iirc, the title card numbers). That didn't mean they were newer. They could have easily have made many attempts at a 'Sonic' for the title screen and went with an older asset on the final game.
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    Yeah, the fact that he was involved in dumping Popcorn[/I and Waku gives me a bit more cinfidence that this is the real-deal.

    Do we know anything about SegaSonic's development?
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    Sonic looks slightly different =/= it's a different design. The art style is entirely different from SegaSonic Bros. as well, it's more likely that the title screens are just by different artists.
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    I can't believe official recolors existed in Sonic before Sonic X recolors plagued the internet

    But no seriously this is one hell of a find, aside from the article linked by Black Squirrel I don't think it's ever been mentioned or found in any previously existing informantion. The prototype name "SegaSonic Bros." is also really fascinating. If this was kept for the final released, there would had been an official "Sonic Bros." to counter the Mario Bros. lol.

    Oh and is anyone else getting a massive Animaniacs vibe from the three Sonics in the poster? Sonic, Wonic, and...Yonic Blonic Donic.
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    So I'm guessing that it's not a coincidence that the two Sonic recolours are the same colours as Tails and Knuckles? :V
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    I would think he would be referring to Sega Sonic the Hedgehog. This was a May 93 issue of EGM which would mean they had this interview by Feb-March at the latest. SegaSonic the Hedgehog showed up in Japan one month later in June (and in the US Sept that year). So, and I'm speculating here, but I'd think Al Nilsen saying there are two unreleased games is purely that since SStH wasn't quite released then.

    As for him being unsure about Sonic's viability in the arcade... I'd say we can look at Black Squirrel's point about "location testing." If you remember correctly, SStH had the unused SatAM Robotnik sprites which I'd guess means they weren't seeing much success in the US market and floated the idea of connecting it to the popular TV show of the time. Something tells me some higher-ups (possibly SoJ) didn't like that idea which would have left the project seemingly in limbo from SoA's perspective. of course the game did get released in the US with the original "Eggman" sprites and that's the game we have today.

    I like this little story I've concocted. But of course all of this won't matter if this guy pulls another Sonic arcade game out of his magical proto-producing ass. :v:
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    No, I mean it does show Sonic's pre-final design. The one which was used everywhere until his first spine was lowered (due to SoA feedback?). See here and notice how the top spine looks just like in the SegaSonic proto title screen. I believe that some assets made for promotional material had to actually be altered to reflect this change.

    For all we know, development on SegaSonic may have been started shortly after Sonic 1's, before it became one of those two "not up to par" scrapped Sonic arcades mentioned in the article, only for it to be rescued and completed in 1992 because hey turns out that Sonic can sell anything. This would also explain the lack of badniks or any familiar elements and characters from the series, other than Sonic, Robotnik and the rings.
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    I'm guessing it's not a coincidence that the two Sonic recolours are the same colours as Ray and Mighty.

    Turns out primary colours are a thing.
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    Then maybe the art guy just mistakenly drew the old Sonic or used outdated character model rules or something. It doesn't have to be an earlier build. The guy who posted this has more than enough credibility for me to believe that it's legit.

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    Hey chibisake, think you could please post sources in your news articles? =P

    I'm not doubting him. He may have been scammed or maybe he just bought it as a cool mod.
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    Or me apparently. I've been getting tagged all evening on every social media I go to. I was starting to wonder what was going on until I saw this. XD

    Just need to know which color his shoes are :-p
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    Some artwork, a ZZT game, and a hack.
    The amount of times GHZ's sprites would have been used in some form or another in other Sonic games. It's amazing for obvious reasons just how much SEGA was planing to pour into the franchise after a year of its release. I'm glad whatever this is, it's in the right hands and can't wait to see what this thing has in store.
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    The palmtrees were redrawn using GHz ones as a base, not a single pixel match exactly the right spot. Also these feature dithering, Sonic 1 palmtrees don't.
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    Yellow Sonic looks kind of angry. It would be really interesting if they had different personalities.
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    Do we know if he changed anything about that aside from the joke start screen?

    EDIT: Googled it and it's still a legit game so looks like that start screen was the only thing he changed.
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    not buying it, don't care about if he helped dump popcorn maker theirs still hints of him modding/hacking games in the air. I'll wait until someone here has it otherwise I'll await its debunk.
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    Here's hoping that we get a dump.
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    It is confirmed to be real!
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    I would advise against everyone contacting/bothering Shoutime. I know you have good intentions but this has backfired before.