Cancelled SegaSonic game SegaSonic Bros. (1992) found

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    PSA: Don't try to contact the guy who found this. If you do want to do that: you're not the only one with that idea, others have likely already messaged him about this. A ton of people bothering him about this isn't going to help much and could backfire.


    So we found this on Tumblr and at first thought that it was a neat looking hack thing. Then we looked at the rest of the Tumblr user's stuff and noticed that whoever this is is a collector of stuff and probably bought this from somewhere. He also tagged it as an unreleased game and calls it a megaton. It's not a hack we can find anything about so it seems like it might actually be a prototype of SegaSonic the Hedgehog, that or it's a cancelled game that was turned into the SegaSonic we know of.

    So do any of you know about this? Is it actually a legit prototype or an incredibly obscure hack that somehow got into the hands of a collector? It definitely seems to be running on arcade hardware at least.

  2. Overlord


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    Redhotsonic, is that you? =P
  3. Donnie Paradox

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    SEGA Sonic Bros...nah, not going to do it. Obvious joke is too obvious. lol
  4. drx


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    Hard to tell if it's legit by just one screenshot, but the guy seems to have a decent collection, so chances are it is. He seems to be involved with MAME so let's hope he dumps it.

    He was involved in this so there's a high chance:
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    If it's a hack, that's some pretty great custom art. The fact that the other Sonics are red and yellow similar to Mighty and Ray could additionally go either way. Hard to gauge.
  6. evilhamwizard


    The GHZ trees looked ripped right from Sonic 1 rather than redrawn, but the Sonic art looks authentic.

    I believe this is legit. I think the owner has dumped other things for the MAME community before and might do the same here. Here's hoping.

    EDIT: Oh, the owner actually was responsible for working with the Dumping Union to get the popcorn/police car arcade machines dumped. I think this is in good hands. :)
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    Oh wow. Here we go then. This is pretty crazy.
  8. A very interesting find indeed. Hope this can get dumped.
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    If those are Sonic 1 trees, I wonder if some unused Sonic 1 assets might be discovered lurking in that ROM. Regardless, this will be neat.
  10. McAleeCh


    Amazing find if real - from the sounds of the guy's track record, it sounds like it probably is and is even in good hands! Hoping so, anyway - amusing to think that Mighty and Ray might've begun as literal Sonic recolours, haha. XD

    Hoping we'll see footage or a dump at some point! = D
  11. Donnie Paradox

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    So not only is this guy a contribution to the Popcorn and Patrol Car dumps but now this. Amazing! This guy deserves a freaking medal.
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    Getting dumped soon then, I take it. I know Shou by name only, but he's shown up enough for me to know he's definitely one of the best to have ended up with this. I just can't imagine what kind of game it is. Hope it's a platformer.
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    Something tells me we're about to get some good shit.

    I wonder if it really is a SegaSonic proto or if it's something entirely different..
  14. Black Squirrel

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    It fits with the others released recently, in that the artwork is slightly awkward and the palette could be better.

    While you could never rule out an elaborate hoax, I think anyone that good at pixel art would be concious of that red Sonic having two spikes on his head (instead of three), and little details like that.

    Whether it amounts to anything playable is a different story. SegaSonic Arcade is a System 32 game, and this doesn't look as if it has the same amount of colours to play with, suggesting it's for earlier hardware.

    Interesting find.
  15. Pokepunch


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    Well this is something. SegSonic Bros, really Sega? Glad that name got changed anyway, assuming this is a SegaSonic The Hedgehog Proto.
  16. Black Squirrel

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    Extremely important - I thought I'd had a whiff of this sort of thing before:

    EGM #47, May 1993.

    "We have developed two Sonic arcade games that have never been released because they were not the specialness that Sonic was".

    Before the announcement of SegaSonic Arcade.
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    This does of course beg the question of what #2 was...
  18. Black Squirrel

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    Should point out that "not released" could equate to "it failed its location test".

    So this "SuperSonic Bros." thing might be completely finished, just not good enough to manufacture a full run.
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    SEGASonic Bros, huh?

    I'm willing to buy that this is some sort of SEGASonic prototype, but I would love to humor the idea that this is some sort of long lost bootleg. I dunno, that would be hilarious to me. The Sonic recolors give me that impression too. Though for a prototype, it would have been easier to make Sonic recolors and then make Ray and Mighty sprites later I suppose.
  20. ICEknight


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    This can't be an official prototype of SegaSonic.

    The prototype we have already features Ray and Mighty and has an older Sonic design than these, in the title screen.

    EDIT: Edited for clarification.