Can You Feel the Sunshine Tee Lopes Remix and Richard Jacques' reaciton

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    Re the remix: Thanks I hate it.

    Re Jacques being a dick: Thanks I hate it.
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    Ya know, that right there is the exact point I was trying to get across when Taylor Swift made that...interesting...cover of "September" by Earth, Wind & Fire. You put it perfectly. People used the fact that EWF lead singer Phillip Bailey praised it, as a reason for why folks should stop criticizing it. And then there was me just sitting there thinking..
    "Well aside from the fact he'd get dragged publicly if he did anything less than that; why should that suddenly change people's minds?" Same with this situation and TJ Davis. I didn't realize it was necessary to automatically co-sign someone's opinion just because you enjoy their work.
    But anyway... back on topic. Sorry!

    EDIT #972: English is NOT my friend this morning. Sheesh!
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