Can You Feel the Sunshine Tee Lopes Remix and Richard Jacques' reaciton

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    He did 3 tracks for Jet Set Radio Future as well, one being a Let Mom Sleep remix.

    And he also did the whole Metropolis Street Racer soundtrack.
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    Dunno, his songs are still superb. Made it on my "Post-Adolescent Sonic Playlist", consisting (mostly) of underrepresented tracks:

    Labyrinth Zone (Sonic 1)
    Star Light Zone (Sonic 1)
    Collision Chaos (US) (Sonic CD)
    Cosmic Eternity - Believe in Yourself (Sonic CD)
    Look-a-like (Sonic the Hedgehog OVA)
    Chrome Gadget (Sonic 3)
    Desert Palace (Sonic 3)
    Door into Summer (Knuckles Chaotix)
    Title Screen (Sonic 3D Blast)
    Rusty Ruin Zone, Act 1 & 2 (Sonic 3D Blast)
    Special Stage (Sonic 3D Blast)

    Sonic Shuffle intro
    This Way Out (Prison Lane) (Sonic Adventure 2)
    On The Edge (Eternal Engine) (Sonic Adventure 2)
    Supporting Me (Sonic Adventure 2)
    Casino Park (Sonic Heroes)
    Westopolis (Shadow the Hedgehog)
    His World (E3 2006 Ver.) (Sonic the Hedgehog)
    The Palace That Was Found (Sonic and the Secret Rings)
    High and Broken (Sonic and the Secret Rings)
    With Me (Sonic and the Black Knight)
    Un-gravitify electro extended (Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity)
    Terminal Velocity - Act 2 (Sonic Colours)
    Open Your Heart (Crush 40 vs. Bentley Jones Remix)
    Angel Island Zone (SSBB Remix)
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    I'm no stranger in having to deal with this and I can name plenty of assholes that I feel that way about (a.k.a. they're great at what they do but their horrible people). Some assholes are simply too much and it's those that you cannot separate their work from the person itself.
  4. When I first listened to this I thought "dear god this is awful, how did the Lopes' fuck it up so badly?" and now days later I've finally had the moment of realisation that this isn't a remix of Super Sonic Racing.

    You're excused, Tee, this is no worse than the original :V
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    Don't ask them about this. Don't stir the pot and try to involve others. It'll annoy them, and however they respond will fan the flames. Just let them come forwards if their own accord if they want to. I already think that Bentley Jones was a touch unprofessional in his approach, but I'm still glad he spoke out. Jacques has shown himself to be utterly reprehensible. I hope SEGA doesn't work with him again on future Sonic games, unless something changes. He needs to make a very public apology for his very public bad behaviour. And that's a real shame, cause I've always considered him one of my favourite Sonic musicians (plus other games).

    As for the remix itself, I still really like it. It's so chill. It seems that most people aren't big fans though. It's a shame, but not even Tee could keep up a perfect track record forever. The entire R soundtrack is a guilty pleasure of mine. The songs are hardly lyrically masterpieces, so hearing arrangements such as this without the nostalgia of my 7 year old self is always going to make them a bit cringe-worthy. I look forward to whatever comes next.

    It seems like Tee and Jun work really well together. Sure Tee was part of the genius team that made Mania such a brilliant game, but Jun keenly involved Tee in TSR with both remixes and entirely new composition. Jun contributed to the Mania Adventures mini album and now the duo are working together once again on "just for fun" remixes. I'll be disappointed if the two don't work on a future Sonic game together.
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    I'm going to be honest here. You can't polish a turd. The song has always been extremely cringe worthy. The remix at least makes it kinda sound like something out of Sonic CD, like a stardust speedway kind of tune.

    IMO the remix makes it slightly more palatable

    EDIT: And Jacques needs to learn what a remix is
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    I was going to say - Lopes wasn't exactly starting with Grammy-caliber material here. The original blows the lid off the cheese-o-meter and I don't see how a "remix" can really get any worse. And I also thought it sounded decent. If anything, a remix by a well-known guy like Lopes keeps Jacques' music alive.
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    While Jacques response is a bit unprofessional it was kind of messed up that who ever manages the Sonic Youtube channel did not properly credit the original composer and singer. As to the remix itself, while properly produced it simply doesn't have the energy of the original. The vocals are certainly a step down and the instrumentation while cleaner doesnt capture the spirit of 90s Eurodance. That being said Jacques social media snafu doesn't take away of him being a good composer who has worked with SEGA for years making good music.
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    Still, could be worse....

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    Just noticed Jacques has now privated his Twitter account. I assume he's tired of the attention he got.
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    I wonder if he's going to reflect on any of this? Like "Hmm... maybe I did go about airing my grievances in a less than professional manner?"
    But nah, from the sounds of it he's probably just going to blame all of this on those mean old Sonic and Tee Lopes fanboys who don't understand anything :V

    Kind of a shame. His music is still top notch (I definitely love his 3D Blast stuff more than his Sonic R stuff), but he's just taken a running dive into becoming the 'Ken Penders of Sonic Musicians' (okay, nowhere near that extreme, I take that back, it sounded amusing at the time...)
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    I'm quite curious to see how much this does or does not affect Richard Jacques' future work with SEGA. At the very least, I seriously doubt that he and Tee Lopes will be collaborating any time soon.
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    His sisters voice has a very nasal quality to it that drives me up the wall. I think the instrumentation itself is fine. Kinda echoing at this point but the original song is not much to work with.
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    Give Richard a break. He also gave us such renowned sountracks like Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric and Sonic Chronicles: the Dark Brotherhood
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    Lol I'd of gave that a laugh had that react still existed.


    I like the remix, a lot even. It's a fresh take on a classic, and I'm fine with that. The bit with Tee and Jun playing together also blends pretty well.

    But I also love the original.

    Too bad Richard is now the musical Ken Penders of the franchise. Sonic Drama once again proves to be some of the most viscerally crazy in gaming.
  17. Is anyone really surprised that Sonic attracts arrogant manchildren? Just look over at Penders
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    Well that is rather disheartening to see, isn't it?

    It doesn't really surprise me, though. I don't know Jacques personally or anything, but someone else in this thread mentioned the old mantra "don't meet your heroes". Having had the opportunity to just barely dip my toes in the music industry a bit, there is most definitely significant truth to that. What you end up learning to do fairly quickly, is separating the creator from their creations — because some people are just downright despicable, regardless of how lovely their body of work is. Alas, I'm willing to give Jacques the benefit of the doubt a bit still — a bit. There is always more to the story than meets the eye.

    It was a major cringe-move for him to handle it publicly like this, without a doubt. It's something I as an unknown would never do, so I shudder to think of the 'bullet meet foot' action it must do for someone of his caliber. Yikes!

    Also, that remix is nicely done, but after hearing that style of music so often in just the gym alone, it doesn't really jump out as anything special. The vocals are decent but kind of pitch-y, and the noticeable amount of autotune is a bit distracting.
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    I saw way too many people using TJ Davis' positive reaction to it as a "Well she liked it so what the fuck Rich?!" and I'm like... no, that's not how people work. You don't have to like something just because the other person in the relevant pool likes it. They're not a hivemind.

    I'm just sick of Tee Lopes taking shit that sounds pretty good and making it sound generic and/or not having a direction to go with it (like the Station Square "remix"...) as well as using those god damn trumpets all the time.
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    When he was still working on his version of Casino Night Zone on Youtube and people in the comments were praising him for perfecting the shit out of the horn sounds, who would have guessed that one day people would be criticizing him for exactly that? =P

    But yeah, I like it way more when he's using the organ.
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