Can You Feel the Sunshine Tee Lopes Remix and Richard Jacques' reaciton

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  1. So hey, since apparently people are afraid of the "New Topic" button anymore this one almost got buried in the Supreme Topic of 'Other' Knowledge but I'm here to save this event from that fate.

    Sega released a new Tee Lopes remix of "Can You Feel the Sunshine" from Sonic R, with his sister providing the vocals:

    Tee Lopes' sister has some nice vocals, but I feel like the stripped-down version of the song clashes heavily with the bright and cheery tone of the lyrics.

    Apparently Richard Jacques was unhappy with the remix, and responded with some angry tweets that he's since deleted. I saw him post similar comments on the Facebook post as well, but I didn't think to save them. User @CynicalSonicGuy grabbed some screenshots from Twitter before the tweets were deleted here.
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  2. Dark Sonic

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    Now I think Tee Lopes' sister was... ok. It was an enjoyable remix. But Jacques was being a total dick. And apparently it's not the first time he's hated Tee Lopes.

    The fucks up with that? Like, Jacques... please don't be a dick. Your work is great and this jealous bitchiness is not a good look for you
  3. SuperSnoopy


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    Clearly some stuff happened behind the scenes, but I doubt we'll ever get to know about it.
    Super rude of Jacques to react like that on twitter, of course. On the other hand, from his interviews and the stuff he posts on social medias, Tee always came off as kind of arrogant to me. I wouldn't be surprised if he and Jacques had some kind of bad interaction in the past.
    I have no proof of that whatsoever tho, it's pure speculation.
  4. Clownacy


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    How dare meany-pants Jacques speak badly of do-no-wrong community-heartthrob Tee!

    It's okay, Jacques - I support you <3
  5. XRick


    I felt the remix was kinda meh in comparison to the original and Senoue's instrumental remix for TSR.
    And Jacques not being credited or even counseled about it feels like enough reason for him to speak up.
    Do it publicly... Yeah, not the brightest idea. Unless his purpose was to rile fans up on purpose, that is.
  6. PhotonSeek


    Not really a big fan of this remix either, although Jacques' reaction to it was pretty rude and unprofessional. He should've voiced his opinion in a more constructive way or just kept quiet about it. However, I can understand why he was annoyed about not originally being credited, which is Sega's fault not Tee's.

    I also noticed Tee unfollowed/blocked Jacques after what happened.
  7. Black Squirrel

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    I think it's faithful to the original. It captures that acute sense of wanting to turn the vocals off because they're horrible.
  8. MarkeyJester


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    It's too modernised for me.

    I hear enough of this on the radio where people who really love 90's music... Not doing 90's music, or doing a terrible job by trying to "modernise" it. This just reminds me of that, sorry, it's just not for me.

    With regards to the banter, I have no opinion.
  9. Ralakimus


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    If @nineko can make a cover of this like this video here instead, my day will be made. Didn't care for this new version by Tee.
  10. nineko


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    Oh man, that thing is almost 12 years old, has it really been this long?

    I somehow miss those days, it sucks to be 35 :(
  11. Dissent


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    I liked this iteration, personally. It makes no sense to me that Jacques would be angry at Lopes over anything related to it when Sega was involved in making it happen.
  12. But, huh... I wonder if it will affect something on Richard. I mean, will... SEGA likely call him again to compose another song for any other game?
  13. Dr. Mecha

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    It's kinda too 'upbeat', if you asked me.
  14. JaxTH


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    It was...just okay. Didn't really like that it was a music video for some reason.

    Anyway, save the video in the highest quality possible for eventual uploading to the wiki some time in the future. :eng101:
  15. Turbohog


    Honestly, I thought the video seemed to be trying too hard to be hip and cool...which just doesn't work considering this is a remix/cover of a song from Sonic R. Anyways, Jaceques came off as jealous and pathetic. I don't think any of his work in recent years has been particularly great anyway.
  16. sonicthesnot


    Jacques needs to get real. Lopes "ripped off" and did a "bad job" with a cheesy mediocre 90s tune from a game hardly anyone knows about.We're not exactly talking about Beatles or Michael Jackson or even Sonic 1/2/3 caliber music here... I understand he was frustrated with not getting credit but that could have been resolved in a much more relaxed and friendly manner.

    I haven't seen Masato Nakamura go ballistic over Lopes' remixes of his Sonic 1/2 tracks, and I'm sure there's at least one or two he wouldn't love. Probably because he has way more important stuff to do like tour with his band and write hit albums rather than get into Twitter wars over petty s**t like this.
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  17. trakker


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    I think it's OK, but after listening to the original so much over the years, it's a little on the slow side and it makes it a tad distracting =T
  18. Lol you got me with this one. A good cheap laugh. Thank you.

    Anyway, people are actually fighting about this zombie of a franchise right now? There is like almost nothing going on for anyone to feel like they should get credit for....
  19. Icewarrior


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    While the upbeat slower pace of Tee Lopes is a nice take, I still prefer the original version.
    That said, Jacques was being a total dick, Tee Lopes had absolutely nothing to do with the lack of crediting on the video and he failed to be constructive on why the remix would be bad. Completely unprofessional!
  20. ICEknight


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    What did Jacques mean with "it's not the first time this has happened", though?