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Burning Rangers

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by Energy, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. Energy


    Hey guys,

    Random question, but has anyone particularly looked deep into burning rangers? I know it's not everyones favourite game but as a kid I loved it. I still play on it every now and again and I miss the days of sitting there for hours playing this game.

    I was wondering if people had looked into the models, levels and 2d graphics. The game went through a lot of hud changes and there were rumours of more characters to be playable (it might be my mind but I swear there was at least a rumour of sonic being an honoury firefighter as a hidden secret). And anyone who played the game knows that it had a 2 Player mode (if I remember right the box actually even states 2 player). All the sounds are in the game from the 2 player mode as they can be accessed via the soundtest and by the filenames it seems to possibly suggest that the levels might be there.

    I wanted to check the models, as the game is supposedly based on the nights engine I wondered about using SANiK's relea model extracter but I can't find a working link for it.

    Anyone explored this game?

  2. Unfortunately the best I got is working with the video and audio codecs, for the cutscenes and sounds, if you wanted to mess with/convert them.
    I was recently asked to convert all the voice acting into WAV, and thus I have this result -
  3. Energy


    Giving it a download, it'll be interesting to hear.

    Ages and ages ago I asked drx about burning rangers protos, he said that he knew a seller with one or two (I also asked about Panzer Dragoon protos at the time, this eventually led to the community saving up and buying them, alas no such Burning Rangers community exists). It just seems that this game was rushed out the door and could hold some interesting details.

    I'm sure there was the possiblity of different wepons too which was cut. On the hud it had an icon for the weapon if I remember rightly, except the weapon never changed! hmm

    thanks for the download! :)
  4. Infiniti


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    I have so much love for Burning Rangers. I always hoped that Sega would do another one.
    First game ever to use the ADX audio format and have such good replay value. (Finding all the survivors)

    Altho I was always a little dissapointed that only Shou and Tillis could be played with the navi system. The others just got to hear "Burning Angel" and "We Are Burning Rangers", on a loop.

    The game screamed for a sequel, when they showed Iria Klein joining them during the credits (well maybe not screamed, but you get the picture).

    There was a buttload of WAV files on the disc, in a OMAKE folder or somthing.....thats where I got my "New Text Message" sound from (many years ago).

    Anyway thanks for the download
  5. Kurosan


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    The song is actually called "Angels with Burning Hearts".

    We own the English version of Burning Rangers and although I haven't played it yet (for some reason, WTF), I'm a huge fan of Phantasy Star Online and clearly that series' style was based on Burning Rangers. I'd be really curious to see if any prototype BR material can be found, especially the canceled 2P arena mode.
  6. Energy


    Guessing you know this - but just in case: You could play as Iria by putting in a certain code. I believe you could play all the levels as her. Obviously no voice navigation, however in the soundtest is all her audio for her in the 2 player mode.

    I'm guessing you can't as easily do what you can do with sonic 2 and put stuff like gameshark codes to access stuff. I just would love to play a 2 player burning rangers. Depending on how bad the camera is that could have been a lot of fun. :)
  7. Infiniti


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    Ya I know, I was only refering to the Japanese title because it was less to type on the message :P

    Yea, but I choose to play as Chris mostly...
  8. Energy


    Ok - just going through some of the WAV files that Kiddo Cabbusses uploaded for us...

    It's been a while since I've played the story but I'm pretty sure this script segment is not in the game.

    FILENAME: ADX_0463.wav
    A lot of big ones I don't recognise too... some which sound hilarious. :D

    *continuing to listen :)*

    I think all these are not used in the game, feel free to correct me if wrong! :)

    ADX_0339.wav -> ADX_033D.wav
    A voice that was obviously supposed to be used to warn people when the damage level of the building had reached certain levels. I'm guessing one of these would be played just before everything started exploding around you!

    —UPDATE 2
    ADX_0330.wav -> ADX_0334.wav
    Navigation requests for illiya. As someone has already said, if you play illyia you just get music similar with the other non standard characters. But they all seem to have basic nav requests.

    ADX_0335.wav - A male voice stating that things have been unlocked.
  9. ICEknight


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    Wait a second... Shou and Tillis sounds like Sonic and Tails, oh I get it.

    + - Tails is a girl.  
  10. As if we don't have enough "Tails is a girl" jokes.

    Also, Tillis sounds like she has Amy's old VA.

    Anyway, interesitng to hear that I actually pulled out some unused content amongst the voice acting.
  11. Energy


    Sounds like there is quite a lot of unused content in what you pulled. Stuff like navigation requests for Big, Illiya and Reed/Lead. None for Chris but that's not really suprising as she can't really request navigation from herself. I've not listened to it all yet, been quite busy/

    Unfortunatly I can't use SSF anymore on my PC. Recently went to Windows 7 64bit. SSF is now so slow and unstable it can't run any games to a point that they're playable. Not sure why, wondering if they've just lowered support for my graphics card or something. Seems to be some games run fine others have become close to unplayable... :/ Will be picking up a new graphics card soon the rest of the system is ok, it is a bit old now though (5 years?). dual core pentium 4 - 3.2Ghz, 3Gb DDR2 Ram, Fatlity AAXA8E motherboard, 1.9tb HHD space, nvidia geforce 6600GT. Any suggestions on how to improve things let me know! :) Think I'll only have £100 for a new graphics card, so gonna have to see what I can find...