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Find Blizt Sonic Discussion Post

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by OutspokenWeeb, Sep 12, 2022.

  1. OutspokenWeeb


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    Update: apologies for keeping the thread dead, nothing much has been found referent to the engine and some of the most recognizable ones have been properly preserved. I'm still looking for those release trailers, although i've been more occupied with personal projects and the such.
    This is my first post, so apologies if everything is messy and unorganized!!!

    Blizt Sonic is an important part of 3d Sonic fangames, unfortunatley it is also the most abandoned one and most of the content related can be classified as lost media at this point. The objective of this post is to have a place were everyone can post their findings about these old engines based on Damizean's/Mark The Echidna's Engine.

    Currently i'm working on a youtube video about this forgotten Fan-engines since the only thing i could find discussing about them was an old discussion post that is 13 years old and contains the only footage of that old Damizean engine in its purest form (unfortunatley the links to the downloads are down, so playing it is not possible as of the creation of this post.) Now while this post is the base for my video, it won't be abandoned after i finish it. I'm (morbidly) dedicated to the research of this old piece of sonic fan history that was surprisingly important from my childhood.

    old post containing Damizean's engine video and a taken down map creation tool(

    How to contribute?
    Comment this post with any findings related to Blizt Sonic that you can find online, it doesn't have to be just about Damizean's engine, you can also post about its unleashed variants which are too many to mention here, The most valuable findings are downloadable files containing maps, characters, animations, and the executables for the engines themselves.

    The most important things to find at the moment are the many release videos made to well...announce the release of the fan engines, here are the one's i remember but i swear i can't find.

    • Blizt Sonic Unleashed: A very stiched together trailer using footage of the only available level, it had the japanese Sonic X opening as its background music.
    • Blizt Sonic 3d Unleashed: Tails came flying down in an Spagonia level to announce the new features in the engine.
    • Blizt Sonic Unleashed 2.4: This is like Blizt sonic unleashed but if i remember it showed many different levels and it had another anime OP as its background music.
    *Found a supposed Reupload trailer for Sonic Blizt 3d Unleashed, it is not the release trailer so its not as i remember it.

    *BIT OF AN EPYLEPTIC WARNING found a release trailer for someone's modification of Blizt Sonic Colors, not too great looking but the link works.

    Why would i want to find some outdated, crappy Fan-engines???
    I mean if you don't want to you don't have to. But on the other side as i mentioned a lot this engines are still a very curious part of sonic fan history, preserving them would be to preserve some of the most charming attempts at level creation made by fans who discovered content creation, plus this is the predecesor of the many unreal frameworks, so its very important history!!!.

    This post will be updated according to findings.:thumbsup:

    Models Found
    Found a knuckles Model made by user RaDar12500, the links still work and you can still download the model along with a QnA file

    Also by RaDar12500 we have a dump of engine's and models! With working download links!!!

    Maps Found
    Found Green Hill Ocean made by Aloix12, Includes a working link for the map and a working link for Linksonic's Blizt Sonic Ultra.

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  2. MootPoint


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    Aw nice, I'm glad that someone is interested in the history of Blitz Sonic. I was very addicted to these game engines when I was younger lol

    Some findings of my own

    LinkSonic5 Engine 2

    I used to play this one a LOT when I was younger. This is an incomplete engine, so features are missing but it seriously got one of the best controlling Sonic I've ever played in these fan games. It's also notable for having stage teleports, which means you can create hub worlds and enter into different levels. I remember playing a stage pack that did this, but it had been a long while.

    I would refer to the Wiki as well. It hasn't been updated, but it could point you in several directions. I recall Sonic BGE Anniversary being REAL popular, as it's the first attempt of a fan game doing a 3D Boost game.
  3. OutspokenWeeb


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    oh wow! i didn't know there was a Wiki as well, that will be super helpful!. LinkSonic5 Engine2 is a pretty good find even if to my memory its recent enough to be easily archived. Won't play favorites tho, the purpose of this post is to archive/find Sonic Fan-engines so everything that is not an GDK or Unreal framework is welcomed!
  4. qwertysonic


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    I remember Blitz Sonic. I made a "hack" of it way back in the day.
  5. Azookara


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    'Sonic FreeRunner' was a project starting in 2010 that was wrangled together by me and programed by 8-Bit Dragon, 11Supersonic11, SonicFreak94/Morph, and a handful of others. It was the first 3D Sonic fan game ever to ever feature "rolling physics", which at the time was revolutionary and extremely impressive! Also, maybe less impressively today, it was the first fan game to use ripped animations and models from Sonic Colors. lol

    The initial intent was to develop it into a fan game (hence why I was project lead, but also I was fresh out of high school and pretty stupid about game development (note: not a programmer myself), so it never got far beyond the engine releases. The project found itself at odds with the limitations of Blitz3D and moved to SonicGDK around 2013 (before eventually disbanding a year or two later due to lack of development).

    Regardless, 8-Bit Dragon kept the dream alive by continuously updating Blitz Sonic FreeRunner, eventually making this variant of it a couple of years ago, as 'BlitzSonic Rev'. Seems as if it's been 3 years since the last update, but it's still cool to see that it lasted that long in the first place.

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  6. OutspokenWeeb


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    Yo this is legitimatley cool! Having a Dev of one of this engines was certainly not an expected outcome, but man is it welcome!

    Do wonder tho, Do you think everyone used Damizean's engine as a base or were some engines seriously put together with tape without it?

    Also another thing i want to mention that i didn't in the first post was map design, it always charmed me how map makers user regular meshes and models to make things like water or lazers becauser they either didn't know how to implement those or the engine just wasn't capable how rendering those things. Seriously something about looking at static modeled waterfalls is so charming to me.
  7. Azookara


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    Oh I myself was never a programmer for BlitzSonic; I just oversaw a project where much more talented people did their magic on it. All credit goes to them :)

    Also yeah, basically every engine using BlitzSonic was built off of Damizean's code. FreeRunner, LinkSonic5's LS5 Engine, Sonic World (and thus also Sonic World DX, which still gets updates today), BlitzSonic Unleashed, most of Bagjac/Mediamanx's works, all of them are built on that same base. It was a wild west.
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  8. OutspokenWeeb


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    Found Sky Fleet 03 by aloix12, this one is my favorite cuz it showcases what i love about this engine so much, there are ships and monsters fighting but its all static i love it! (links work too btw)
  9. MontiP


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    Yooooooooo, Blitz Sonic was my shit back when I was a kid, and I was wondering if anyone was going to talk about it, let alone mention it, in this time and age.

    I believe it was this, SRB2 and Sonic: The Fated Hour that ultimately introduced me to the fan gaming scene. And out of all the many old fan games I played on my old family PC, I was utterly obsessed with Blitz and Robo Blast 2; and I think that it wasn't because of the games themselves, but because of my fascination behind their modding scenes. All the character mods, stage mods, and even whole game mods (like Sonic Burst, Blitz Unleashed, SRB Adventure 2, SRB2 Unleashed, etc.); seeing all those videos that showcased each creation was something quite magical for me. Alas, most of those are lost to time by now :/

    As for what I can contribute...

    Aloix12 has a link in their Channel Info that lists all the stages they made so far, as well as a couple of Blitz Engines they backed up; I have downloaded a couple, and I'm quite confident to say that all the links are working properly:

    Chishado Games also has a blog that lists the stages they made, as well as "Blitz Sonic 4 Tribute", some sort of mini-fan game built on top of the Sonic Rush Fever framework (also derived from Damizean's engine); as far as I'm concerned, only Sonic Run 2's link isn't working, while Chishado's very first stage (the untextured one) is completely missing:


    A user known as CrystalForce left links for a character pack for LS5 Engine 2 as a Subscriber Milestone; only the Mediafire link works:

    Another user known as randomxfirerecording also has two playlists on their channel conserning Blitz Sonic character mods: one for LS5 Checkpoint, including a backup link for the engine itself (, and another for Sonic Burst (
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  10. OutspokenWeeb


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    Yeah!, i was obsessed with fan-games like this as a kid since at the time i didn't have the means to play proper 3d sonic games, so any version of blizt sonic and a little imagination were king back in the day.

    from what i'm seeing Aloix12 has preserved their stuff very well, almost everything they made is still available for download. RandomxFireRecording was my shit as well.
    I do remember messaging another blizt sonic content creator for one of their maps, but since the youtube inbox was long removed that message is lost to time.
  11. Pexs


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    Wow, I remember BlitzSonic. This used to be my jam as a kid. I remember I made a Yoshi player character once for the basic version of it, but I never released it anywhere.

    I don't think I have any special downloads you'd be able to find. Maybe one of Bagjac's Emerl characters? I might have the Blitz3D source lying around somewhere, but I think it's been open-sourced in the last decade and a half so that might not be useful haha.
  12. OutspokenWeeb


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    It's good!, as long as it remains preserved and accessible to anyone who wants to check it out!
  13. MontiP


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    So hey, another UPDATE regarding my Blitz Sonic findings:

    So I was searching on YouTube for any video that contained any working link for Blitz Sonic Unleashed; while I still haven't found what I was looking for, I did stumble on a video for a Blaze character pack:

    The creator released two versions of Blaze for two different Blitz Sonic engines: Blitz Unleashed v1.1 and... Blitz Sonic v021.

    This was a revision of vanilla Blitz Sonic that I once downloaded in the past and tried to find it again, but forgot it's version number. After a quick Google search, I stumbled on this video:

    Which links to an index containing, which I believe to be, nearly every mayor revision of vanilla Blitz Sonic, including the original test launcher, back when I assume the project didn't have a name. A Sonic Unleashed model pack for the eponymous character and rings, made by SonicFreak94, is also present there.

    Of course, my claim of "every mayor revision of vanilla Blitz Sonic" is purely speculation on my part, so take it with a grain of salt :V