Best non-GM/CTF/MMF 2D game engine?

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  1. Hey! So I've wanted to create a fan game for the last 16+ years but recently have really gotten the motivation to dig in and start working. Problem is, with the Sonic Physics Guide existing, now there's a surplus of engines floating around; probably a third of the topics on the first page of this subforum are dedicated to them.

    Soon I want to get into actual programming, and have the tiniest bit of knowledge on how to right now. I would like to use an engine then that isn't based on something like Game Maker, Multimedia Fusion or Clickteam Fusion, since they aren't really the tour of programming I'll work with beyond this fan game. I've seen a Unity engine floating around, and I really would be curious to try out the one Time Twisted used if it got released. (Was it still the one made by Mercury?) I would like for it to have some degree of user friendliness; I remember trying the E02 engine a long time ago and being very lost, but that might have changed since then.

    So, out of either experience or through examples of good fan games made out of them, what are some of the best engines meeting that criteria that are out there?
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    Probably take Unreal (since it now doesn't require programming in their latest versions and it has the capability of 2d, sort of), Adobe Flash, or just take Unity. Either way, you gotta have to learn them the hard way.

    From the looks of things, you might be a rookie entering into this field, and just wanting to start off with a great game that, you might assume, would be the very best.

    I'm sorry, but there is no easy way when it comes to Game Development. You have to learn from scratch and work you're way from there. Your first game would probably be a mess, but at least you'll get a better understanding on how things work. Learn your way and keep your expectations low.

    Maybe after a couple of years, you can try that again, armed with experience and knowledge. But for now, try to learn everything you can first.