Bashing Sonic Triple Trouble

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    You know someone was bound to make a 8-bit bashing topic sooner than later right? :P I decided to pick TT over the others first, because it seems TT is most fans favorite 8-bit title. Anyways, I find that the soundtrack is definitely not as memorable as Sonic Chaos, or Sonic 2's soundtrack. Yeah the game has a few good tracks such as Great Turquoise and both Sunset Park tracks but even with the latter Sunset Park sounded much better in Chaos. Plus I think Sonic looks a bit odd smirking at the player on the title cards. Finally I don't really care for some of the zone names such as "Great Turquoise" or "Robotnik Winter". I just don't feel like there was much thought put into the zone names, but meh could be just odd translations I suppose. Grand Turquoise would have rolled off the tongue much better IMO.
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    It's 8-bit, so it obviously sucks. Play the fan remake if you need your TT fix.
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    Triple Trouble is cool and all, but I feel like Sonic Chaos is a better game in most regards. Both suffer from annoying slowdown, but it's worse in Triple Trouble. It also bothers me that there's not a proper Master System port of Triple Trouble, because playing Sonic games on the tiny Game Gear screen is a chore.
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    Pretty much what I was going to say. The game gear titles were basically the equivalent of modern day cell phone games, cheap cash grabs on inferior hardware.

    Out of all of them I guess TT is the best but that's not saying much. Here's a bash - the special stages. Too many invisible blocks to find and breaking those stone blocks is extremely finicky.
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    I never really liked this game. It didn't feel very good to control, its level design wasn't that great, and the music could be pretty annoying. It was one of the better 8-bit platformers but that's not saying much.
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    No. That is all I have to say (for those who still don't know, I am Tom).

    I once stated that Sonic Triple Trouble and Sonic 3 & Knuckles are tied as my favourite Sonic games (and amongst my favourite games of all times in general), and I stand by that statement.
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    I think it's the best GG game but I really dont have much to say about it. 8 Bit Sonic is only fun for 10 mins.
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    Everything after Sunset Park Act 3 is incredibly dull because nothing comes even remotely close.

    Who pulls their fanciest trick on the second stage?
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    I rarely see this game even talked about so seeing a bash topic is kind of odd.

    What next Sonic Pinball Party?
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    Sonic Eraser, of course!
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    The game chugs a bit and feels a bit clunky compared to the previous 8 bit Sonic titles.

    The soundtrack ranges from memorable to someone randomly fluttering piano keys.

    Sometimes the resolution doesn't seem to work with the game, which is odd since it's the only of the five 8 bit Sonics that wasn't ported to the Master System. Some elements just don't feel set up according to the GG's screen ratio, like in Fang's first encounter where you're dragged along as Fang is brought into focus.

    If this is meant to be the 8 bit equivalent to S3+K it suffers the same issue as their Sonic 2 equivalent in not bringing in their new character playable. It's annoying that Sonic Blast is the only 8 bit platformer where you can play as Knuckles.

    Same really. It's weird, Chaos' level design is pitiful compared to Triple Trouble's, but I feel more addicted to replaying that one, especially when given the option of the Master System version.
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    I'm basically going to echo the "it's 8-bit" statement. 8-bit Sonic never controlled very well, which makes it not that fun.
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    The collision detection when picking up rings is absolute arse.
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    Finally, this is the bash thread I asked for.

    Sonic Triple Trouble is the most overrated game of Sonic history, and this comes from the man that hates Sonic Colours. Bashing it for being an 8-bit game is unfair because it couldn't escape that fate, but I will bash it for trying too hard to be like a 16-bit game when it isn't. While Sonic Chaos had that extra thing of replicating some of the most common gimmicks of the main games with quite decent results, and the artwork was among the best you could find on an 8-bit game, TT tried to go so far that it ended going behind again. And it wasn't just because of technical limitations to run the code, it was also because, like someone said, the screen size of the GG can't handle the spectacle of the 16-bit games, and the game itself isn't very refined in trying to fight that either.

    But there's more to bash, like annoying gimmicks that break the pace even when you think there's no pace to break. That things in sunset park that interefere with your spinning and make you fall incredibly slowly, for example, or having each and every palmtree of great turquoise have a hidden spring on top.

    Some graphics, while technically of high quality, as pieces of artwork suck. Tidal Plant is unpleasing to look as hell, if not always, at least when overwater. Sunset Park is so much on sunset your sight resents, and so high on air the background is boring. Similar thing goes for Robotnik winter, better about lighting but still hard to look at when outside. Meta Junglira is the level that looks the best, but it's also the most stop-start one, so ruined when it could have been the best one of the whole game.

    Similar thing I can say about the music, the only remarkable one is the one that came from Sonic Chaos. Some others are ok but the game sounds overall boring or depressing, especially compared with the energetic soundtracks all previous 8-bit installments had. There's nothing like Jungle zone, Scrambled Egg zone or even Sleeping Egg zone, this last one being very repetitive but at least lively.

    Controls, I think, also work worse than in Chaos, but maybe my experience is hindered by emulation. And, yeah, I don't get the special stages either, they work really weird.

    Say what you want, but I liked Sonic 1, 2, and Chaos on the MS, Chaos being my favourite despite being the easiest one, and I even beat S2 on a friend's GG. But no, sorry, I don't like Triple Trouble; they tried, and they failed.