Bashing Sonic 3 & Knuckles OTHER THAN THE BARREL

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    They could have always used Track 10.
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    No they couldn't lol. Masa's lawyers would be up their ass.
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    This seems like a strange assumption to make given I'm sure no one has first-hand knowledge of the legal agreements made at the time regarding the Sonic 2 soundtrack outside of SEGA themselves. Obviously we have seen the music from Sonic 2 reused in future titles, so unless those rights were re-negotiated, it would appear SEGA owns the rights to use that music as they see fit. We've seen several instances of unused tracks in Sonic 3D Blast for instance showing up years later in Sonic 4. The popular theory is that Sonic 3 is in limbo due to (potential) music rights issues with the Jackson estate, and yet we still get a version of Chemical Plant in every game complete with a remixed version of the music. Sonic Mania was a completely new title and featured many stages from Sonic 2 with the correct music or at least remixed versions of the correct music. So either SEGA had to re-negotiate those rights, or they've just had them this whole time. Either way, yes, they clearly could have used Track 10 if they wanted, since they have reused others from the very same game seemingly without impediment.
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    I'm pretty sure Masa didn't do the soundtrack for 3 because he was having disagreements with Sega about payment. I believe he owns the copyright to the music he wrote for Sonic 1 and 2, so they would have had to work something out with him, immediately after they parted ways because they didn't want to work something out with him. You mention music from 3D Blast being reused, but IIRC that was all Jun Senoe's work that he himself was reusing.

    I think Masa and Sega got on better terms when they collaborated again in 2006, which is why they started using his music in a lot more stuff after that, but I could be misremembering.
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    With Sonic Mania, it's also worth mentioning that the soundtrack available for download omits the songs associated with Green Hill, Chemical Plant, and Oil Ocean. So while it's not in the legal limbo S3's OST seems to be stuck in, Nakamura-original compositions seem to still be very much his specifically and not SEGA's. They probably just paid him for Mania, considering he and his songs have their own section in the game credits. (Tracks composed by Nakamura were also given credit as far back as Sonic Advance even, which uses a select few songs from S1 & S2.) All of this to say that with S3, they probably couldn't have used "Track 10" from S2 unless they wanted to pay specifically for that track for some reason.

    I think, considering the circumstances of S3 Hidden Palace, using the LRZ2 music was probably the best move in the end. Sky Sanctuary's music has this cool "discovery" vibe to it and I wouldn't say on its own it's super unfitting for HPZ - it was definitely interesting to see it used that way in the prototypes, but using it for HPZ, SSZ, and the endings would probably make it feel a bit overused in the endgame. Which reminds me, it's a bit of a shame that the S3&K credits didn't incorporate some of the S3 zone songs into the full medley in the end, but I guess that was (kind of) another consequence of the game getting split in two.
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    Gonna partially disagree for this one. You're right about the air of discovery to Sky Sanctuary's track, but it also has a very "open area high in the way" vibe that doesn't at all fit an underground crystal palace like HPZ.
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    Don't forget as well that the OST release that came with the Plus JP physical version also lacks them too! Even when releasing something special Sega doesn't seem keen on putting those tracks on there (despite being re-arranged. hmmm)
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    I don't think any of Nakamura's tracks (outside of the Generations remixes) have officially made it onto Spotify either have they?