Bashing Sonic 3 & Knuckles OTHER THAN THE BARREL

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    Nope, not vanilla either. The JP manual seems to pinpoint Mushroom Hill as Sonic going to the altar for the first time, so it's consistent with that. Maybe there's something weird about the S3 levels trying to access the Special Stage data from S&K? Probably not and it's just arbitrary.
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    ...which one? The actual DEZ Act 2 boss can't be harmed by any means aside from slamming its own traps in it, while only the first phase of the new death egg robot is damageable by the flickies without help (they can't damage the master emerald cage in phase 2 without you opening it first - and you have to keep moving or die, and tails stops being super when Eggman tries to escape after the boss).
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    Super Tails' Flickies will automatically destroy the traps before they can be used to attack the first boss in DEZ2. With perfect timing you can defeat the boss before the Flickies attack the traps, but it's incredibly difficult and feels like a bit of an exploit. Typically you'll just have to wait around for Tails' Super form to run out before you can beat the boss, which then leaves you with zero rings.
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    There's no modern TaxEngine Remake. A.I.R. is the closest we got (and it's pretty good), but I still would've loved Stealth/Tax's official take released in a collection with their 1, 2 and CD ports. Hell, make it a duel disc release with Mania and give fans the ultimate 2D Sonic retro experience.

    The music debacle makes this game far harder to port for future generations. It gets a decent steam release and a dedicated community backing it, but the damn music rights issue needs to be sorted out already.

    Sonic 3's Super Sonic, Knuckles, and mini-boss themes suck and I'm glad they were replaced. Jackson's team made some great tracks, but these weren't it.

    Tails is great, but should have had more pathways dedicated to his abilities. There's a few, but not near enough for how cool his flight ability was.

    Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles on their own are very unsatisfying. I essentially have no reason to ever play them again beyond sheer artifacts and research into the changes.
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    Umm... As I said before, I never had that issue, maybe because I wasn't super with Tails at that boss, or maybe because the way I played it interfered with their mechanics, if that was possible. I more or less fought that boss by non-stop spindashing and entering the gravity lifts, paying attention to sometimes wait a second for the boss to drop more drones I could hit before I resumed that cycle.
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    I usually enter a bonus stage at the checkpoint before the boss anyway, because it's a waste being super on a boss that doesn't hurt you.
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    Sure; you can avoid the issue with the right setup or existing knowledge about the fight. But the issue still exists whether you come across it or not. It's a small one in the grand scheme of things and one that could be really easily ironed out in any kind of enhanced re-release.
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    Disabling super forms that I triggered on accident is the only value I get out of bonus stages.
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    3&K in general just wasn't as fun to me. To me I think there is one glaring flaw that effects my perception of a well polished and well designed game: Aesthetics and audio.
    • In general, music and art style don't live up. Where with Sonic 2 I only saw Oil Ocean as a miss of a track, 3&K is the only one of the classics with tracks I just outright do not like. I mean, it had Ice Cap and I would listen to the 2pvs tracks any time, but in general some of the music just bores me or annoys me. AIZ, MGZ, CNZ, MHZ, Sandopolis. Just, no. I was always glad to get done with those levels. Depending on my mood same for Hydrocity. Art isn't bad per se, I just don't think it is as pretty as 2, 1 and CD. They had great sprite work that was more realistic feeling but in general I think ditching colorfulness wasn't a great move. Oh and I don't like the invincible/super themes at all so doing well at the game just makes it worse.
    Mechanics were solid. Most levels were well designed. Boss fights were fun. But in general when I play 3&K I think most of the time I am playing through the levels to get to the bosses, which are typically fun to fight and have great music. I don't typically enjoy myself outside of this until I hit Ice Cap, and then after that it feels downhill until Lava Reef, which you may ask "what about Flying Battery?" Music is amazing for a few loops but gets old, don't enjoy the aesthetic and I don't even really like the bosses in that one. S&K doesn't really pick up until Lava Reef for me. From there it is pretty fun.

    I mean, I'm not trying to shit on it, and if stranded on a desert island with only that game I would gladly play the fuck out if it. Just compared to other Sonic games, I never really liked it as much.
    Edit: Oh yeah, and fuck that barrel. :p