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Discussion in 'Sonic 2 HD (Archive)' started by Vincent, Apr 24, 2008.

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  1. steveswede


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    This still needs alot of work to get the same look of the eggomatic. The cylinder looks very wrong. If you want to get a better idea on what you can use, type in your picture search engine "expansion vessel" and you will get a load of pictures on what they look like. I look forward to what you do as the eggomatic is an A+.
  2. RedStripedShoes


    And I'm gone again. Member
    Actually, he's sucking up the blue stuff from the pipe they're fighting on. Hence why the stuff he tries to dump on Sonic also looks blue.

    And hence why the stuff he's dumping is NOT Mega Mack.
  3. steveswede


    Ask my hand
    Fighting against the Unitary State of Europe
    Also, Check images of these to find out how to get the pipework right. from a plumber's point of view, I've got to see that it looks right in that it function's in the real world.

    Tectite pipe
    Tectite pro
    copper xpress
    stainless xpress
    carbon xpress
    Yorkshire fittings
    Yorkshire chrome
    Yorkshire GHD
    Kuterlite fittings ie chrome, brass
    endex or end feed fittings
    radiator valves
    thermostatic valves
    mixing valves
    HVAC valves
    ballofix, ball valves or inline valves
    cast iron pipe
    copper pipe
    carbon pipe
    fusion pipe
    solvent pipe
    flanged fittings (this might be best for the top pipe).

    I hope that helps on what the structure should look like.
  4. Gambit


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    Sonic 2 HD
    The stuff at the bottom is purple, the stuff that comes out of his machine is blue.


    I really don't know how he would suck stuff out of the tube since the platforms would, in theory, hit his sucker pipe thingy.
  5. Ollie


    He's sticking it in the water which is on the other side of the platforms? =P
  6. It's the magic of 2D games. ;)

    By the way, there was a lost sprite in the prototypes where the blue gunk falls onto Robotnik's head when he's defeated. Why don't we use that?
  7. Vincent


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    Sonic 2 HD
    Keep it up! :)

    While the legs looks great, the eyes and the top part of head proposes large room for improvement:
    -The head is too high, squash it a bit down.
    -The eyes should be more rotated inwards and I'd try making the pupil more horizontally stretched
    -Other small notes on the main plate that should be a bit more metallic
  8. DragonsTrap


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    I spent most of the time on the legs since they were the most technical area and would look terrible without enough effort. The main plate is back to the gradient I originally had, which suits it a lot better. I wasn't really happy with the eyes either, and I was going to remodel the top of the head, and add some darker shading to the bottom of it. I'll post again when I have all sprite images done. Thanks for the feedback.

    The floor is covered with regularly spaced holes in it too small for Sonic's feet but just the right width for the pipe ^_^
  9. RedStripedShoes


    And I'm gone again. Member
    But... wouldn't that kill Robotnik if he doesn't have any rings? :psyduck:
  10. Rika Chou

    Rika Chou

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    It doesn't kill Sonic when he has no rings.....if he's ducking. :P
  11. Chaos Knux

    Chaos Knux

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    What do you think the Eggmobile is powered by? Pumpkin juice?
  12. Elratauru


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    I know, it was just a test... I know about the freaking perspective thing... I just need a break, I will fix that later, got an exam to do in like 9 days and the stress is killing me. Really.

    I hope you guys understand ^^, I will be doing any fixes and maybe the other bosses after that exam ^^
  13. steveswede


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    Cool man no worries. Good luck with your test.
  14. Endgame


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    I don't see a problem with what he's doing, if you think about it logically.

    Obviously there has to be a pipe behind the Egg-o-Matic that's not visible to us [if this was real, of course :p]

    *EDIT* Oops, I see what he means now. It still makes sense though, thinking back to the boss on Sonic 3 where Eggman hides behind the waterfall until he comes out and shoots his fireballs at Sonic. :)


    And if Eggman was just pumping water up and spashing it on Sonic, he's just be getting a quick shower; so that to me suggests that he's probably mixing the water with something dangerous to Sonic, and maybe even boiling it up or something so it would give an immediate effect on him.

    Anyway, now that someone's *FINALLY* posted a screenshot of the machine itself, I'm now able to comment on this!

    I agree with everyone else when they say that the perspective is wrong. Now I can understand why you'd think that it wouldn't look 3D if the original perspective made it look flat, but it still worked [n the original] - with great results.

    Have a look at the difference between the two:

    *both* parts of the device on the original sprite are directly in our line-of-sight, as to appear flat. But because of the shading, we still know that it's a representation of a 3D object portrayed in a 2-Dimensional universe - and the only way to show that in this context is by its shading, and *not* by its perspective.

    At the moment, your HD rendition kinda looks like it's melting/warping rather than it being solid metal, anyway.
  15. T.Q.


    The Sims 2, Tim Drake [Robin] Member
    Maybe the blue liquid Robotnik is sucking into the glass container is oil from the blue area under the floor, and not the mega muck. It would explain why we don't see the pipe going at the bottom of the screen.
  16. Drex


    Lazy perfectionist Member
    I want to agree with this. Could we have been misintrpreting this floor ans a solid standing instead of a tube? It woud make sense since the original mega muck never had any effect on Soinc damage wise, the liquid is blue, and the pipe doesn't actually reach the mega muck.

    Then again the blue floor doesn't look extreamly tuble-like (especially when it has those glowing orbs on it), the color could just be a limitation of the shared palette, the tube not reaching the mack could be a pure oversight, and the fact that it now hurts you is because Robotnick's machine concentrated it.

    That said, I guess I'm actually leaning toward it being concentrated mega mack after all.
  17. Black Squirrel

    Black Squirrel

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    Chemical Plant (or Chemical Factory even)

    I.e. it produces Chemicals. In order to do that, it probably needs some ingredients (e.g. the purple liquid)

    It converts the purple liquid which Sonic has no trouble with, into blue liquid which hurts him. Robotnik's ship is just one that works at a much smaller scale.

    As for where any waste products go, it's anyone's guess.

    Though it might just be purple so that Sonic stands out a bit better. We all know the background used to be purple, so perhaps the water used to be blue, but was changed simply because Sonic was too hard to see.
  18. steveswede


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    Fighting against the Unitary State of Europe
    Here's some pictures on what an expansion vessel looks like to compare with...



    The white vessel to me is the best one to work off.
  19. Overlord


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    Hah, you're right. I've been playing this game for approaching 2 decades, and I never noticed that...
  20. They're certaintly supposed to make sure everything looks correct. See Street Fighter II HD Remix for an example of what not to do.
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