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Audio crunch issues with Project 64.

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by Willie, Jan 20, 2024.

  1. Willie


    Each day the world turns Laugh 'til it all burns Member
    I don't know why, but I have had a long history of issues with Project 64. It's an emulator that will randomly go from working great for me to constant problems. Like every time I try to play any game for an extended period of time, the audio screws up and I hear horrible crunchy audio. I was getting DK64 to work decently the other day, but now every time I boot it up, it's constant graphic glitches. I don't understand why I have so many problems with this emulator regardless of computer specs. I hear great things about my emulator, but I have had more issues with Project 64 than literally any other emulator in the past fifteen years. I want to make videos with N64 games, but the emulator just does not work properly for me and it's frustrating.
  2. Chimes


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    I was gonna talk about how I'm surprised people are still using the plugin-infested disease that is PJ64, until I clicked on that thread you linked. Holy smokes, that was 10 years ago!
    ...Yeah, anyways, I think you should take a peep at Emulation General's pages on the Nintendo 64. They're actually up to date compared to the archaic monsters that are Zophar or EmulationZone or... CoolROM.
    PJ64 is like... ancient. Their GitHub source has a Plugin folder that hasn't been updated in 8 years.
  3. Willie


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    Project 64 is ancient, but it does get updated way more nowadays. I remember when they went many years without updating it back when it was 1.6. Now their latest version is I was able to get rid of the audio crunch issues last night when I changed the audio plugin.


    Some of the visual glitches I experience with DK64 also went away. No clue if everything will stay okay with these settings, but they seem to work for now. Does anybody know how to get 2D assets in N64 games to be upscaled with a nearest neighbor filter? That would be an ideal way to play N64 games through emulation if I can enjoy higher resolution 3D graphics with sharper pixelated 2D assets for things like the HUD menu in games.

    As for that old forum thread, yeah...I have been having issues with Project 64 for a long time. Time flies by way too fast. I want good times to last.