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AtGames audio can apparently be fixed.... sorta-ish

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by Devon, Apr 18, 2018.

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    So, BigEvilCorporation (hello!) posted this today. Apparently, you can access hidden registers and ADJUST the FM and PSG frequency and clock. While the final result isn't perfect, this is something else alright.

    So, my question is... why the fuck do they have the audio set up the way it is, then, if they could've set them to better values???
  2. ICEknight


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    So that they can announce that their technology is improved with each subsecuential release. :v:
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    Looking on the quality of Sonic's merchandise in last years, I would guess that they're massively ordering cheap stuff from China and making only some symbolic "arrangement" with graphic on the box and adding label on the unit itself.

    On Aliexpress there are tons of plastic figures or handhelds which look exactly as officialy sold figures and AtGames Handhelds. In case of handhelds with only difference that they're uploading on "non-branded" handhelds a lot of ROMS with games of other producers than Sega (and of course without all those inprints on unit and box). And figures... They seem to have almost no difference, even in case of box they're packaged.

    I've even contacted a couple of times with AtGames tech support in the past... Well, they doesn't seem to have too much knowledge about what they're selling.
  4. That's absolutely shameful, to think that the awful sound could easily have been fixed by a few small adjustments. And they've been selling them in this broken state since at least as early as 2009. FUCK!

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    Code (Text):
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    So, now the question is this: Can this be applied to other games via the use of a cheat device?
  6. Its interesting to know that this can be fixed on a hardware level, and that some values were just incorrect for proper sound emulation.

    Makes the hardware itself feel less cheap, and whoever designed them was simply incompetent, especially since this was supposedly revised over and over again.

    If you have a AtGames system with an SD card, the Neto Boot Loader is all you need.
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    Edit 2: Or I'll just stick with what I said originally.

    Anyway yeah if I had known the sound could be tweaked to sound sort of okay I might have wanted these in the first place.
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    In the cartridge versions only, you can use a Everdrive X3 with custom firmware ( ) or make an adapter containing some logical circuit running a software to set up the Red kid 2500 processor and then starting the Cartridge.

    The page is in Portuguese Brazilian but I have documented some info about Redkid 2500 ( )

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