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Are the Sonic Boom Event LiveStreams Lost?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MrMechanic, Mar 22, 2020.

  1. MrMechanic


    Wasn't sure if this justified it's own thread or not but figured it was worth it for a bit of investigation.

    I've been trying to research some old announcements and my search took me to the Sonic Boom conventions, now these have an odd history when it comes to documentation. Whilst the 25th anniversary party livestream is uploaded in full and is now infamous... It seems that LiveStreams for the previous Sonic Boom conventions/events are all lost?

    Not all of these events did get a livestream, but a few definately did, yet none of them appear to be online anymore.

    2011: I'm 50/50 on this, I can't remember if this got streamed or not?

    2012: This one didn't get streamed, at least I'm very sure it didn't.

    2013: This did get streamed, this was the original live stream link: ...Which now doesn't work, the site is still live but no recordings.

    Through on the wayback machine, there is a saved copy of when the page was live: ...But there doesn't appear to be a way to watch the recording.

    This is the one I'm most upset over, because it had the amazing moment where Sonic Dances to the uncensored version of Nelly's "Air Force Ones" then when Sonic dances to the right song... the zip on his costume starts to fail and Aaron has to run onstage and fix it.

    2014: Again, I want to say this did get a livestream, but no trace of one exists.

    Am I remembering this completely wrong? Or have all the official live streams been completely removed? Just that this seems like quite a big loss if an entire event livesteam isn't viewable anymore?
  2. JaxTH


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    Jack shit.
    I wasn't even aware of anything being screamed besides the 25th Anniversary one.

    Then again, I was also at three of the four.
  3. ashthedragon


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    I remember watching the streams back in the day... but I don't know where to watch them now. Sorry.

    PD: I found some videos of past streams, but not the complete ones.

    Sonic Boom 2012 Sonic Adventure 2 XBLA/PS3 reveal trailer:

    Wreck-it Ralph reveal at SASRT Sonic Boom 2012

    Sonic Boom live cast reading - Sonic Boom 2014

    Jun Senoue and Tony Harnell concert - Sonic Boom 2014
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  4. ABPerson


    None of them except, as you said, Sonic Boom 2013 were, as far as we know, streamed. I'll go through all of them sequentially.

    As far as I can tell, no, Sonic Boom 2011 was not streamed in any form anywhere, on TV or otherwise - even though Aaron says at the event "Let's give it up for everyone watching us right now on KFox", I do not see a single mention or shred of proof besides him saying that that it ever happened - and believe me, I've looked, so I'm quite confident there isn't anything, at least right now...

    No... There was almost certainly no Livestream. They did have some professional cameramen walking around taking some shots for a recap video though, which you can see here:

    This video actually has soundboard audio of everything in it - Including clips of the Crush 40 concert, it's actually quite disappointing that they've never released that audio, it would be so awesome to have soundboard audio of the concert, but ah well. I do appreciate they went to the effort of recording soundboard just for the video, it's quite cool to be honest.

    Oh boy here it is... Yeah, as you saw, there was a Livestream. Are there any videos of it? sigh - I, alongside a number of Crush 40 fans, have been searching for a complete video of this stream for 4 months. I contacted the company who ran it, they don't have a video anymore, I contacted people who saw it, no one has come forth with any recording yet. We have a few short clips of it, like this:

    But that's it.

    I actually wrote an entire post over on the r/sonicthehedgehog regarding this Livestream - it is very lost, and as you say, it feels like a huge loss that an entire event live stream (this live stream was 7 hours long!) is lost like this.

    And if you want to know what few clips we do have, well, here's the relevant Lost Media Wiki article: Sonic Boom 2013 (lost Crush 40 livestream performance from "Sonic the Hedgehog" convention; 2013) - The Lost Media Wiki

    There is also a recap video for Sonic Boom 2013 too, as you can see here:

    Don't think this is what the stream looked like though - this was shot by a separate team to the Livestream team, although there are a few very short clips of the stream in this recap video. And all the soundboard audio you hear in this video was taken from the stream - and we do thankfully have a recording of the audio from the Crush 40 segment of the stream - as heard here:

    Most people don't even know that's where this soundboard audio came from, but that is definitely where it's from, I know because in my contacting I found the very person who originally recorded this audio from the stream.

    Well, good thing we have that bit of the stream - Aaron isn't the one who zips it back up though :P

    No Livestream as far as I know, but there was a recap video just like the others!

    None of these clips are from livestreams, they're just crowd recordings - videos taken by people in the audience.
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  5. MykonosFan


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    I was there for 2013, I have no footage of the event sadly. it was my first Crush 40 performance, so I just wanted to soak it in. I remember it being great! Got the great fortune to spend most of the rest of the event backstage making new friends and getting to basically just ask Johnny anything we wanted and just shoot the shit. Jun was also there but was running around a lot and trying to work out a way to run back on stage and retrieve some of his equipment (a laptop?) without disrupting the show. I remember him finally just running out to huge applause for a few seconds and then running back to us after. They're both incredibly nice, and Johnny was going above and beyond to make sure we were all good; that we had water, telling us to help ourselves to the catering (probably not his call, but it's the thought that counts lol), asking us about ourselves. It was great to get to meet him and find out he's just a solid, genuine dude overall. Sad to see there might not be any footage left of the show. We got together with a few other friends and grabbed this photo before it ended.
  6. ABPerson


    I mean there is plenty of footage of the show, there are plenty of shakey, distorted crowd recordings and you can see everything from them. But good, high-quality, multi-camera footage like the stream was... Yeah... Unfortunately that's gone, as least so far - I'm still waiting on a whole bunch of replies from some people... Maybe, just maybe one will have something - literally all I've managed to get so far by contacting people who saw the stream are these 5 pictures:


    And really, from these pictures - the stream looks soo good, it's a real shame this is lost.

    Hmm, that's interesting - I suspect what he was trying to retrieve was the teleprompter they were using, they usually use an iPad but they actually used something different for this event for some reason, maybe just trying out new stuff, so it's possible it was a laptop. And yes, Johnny doesn't know the lyrics by heart because he's in 3 bands with about 100 albums in total, so he has a teleprompter with the lyrics on it, that's at all of his shows - even the non-Crush 40 shows. I know on the 25th Anniversary Livestream people in the chat saw that on the stage during the first half and were like "Boo Aaron's using a teleprompter", but it wasn't even there for Aaron, it was just there for Johnny. I've seen a lot of crowd recordings of the event but never noticed Jun trying to grab that in any of them, that's interesting.

    You can see him looking at the teleprompter in that last picture, in fact, preparing for the verse coming up...

    It's really awesome you got to go to Boom 2013 - and that you got to hang out with Johnny like that!
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  7. Ravenfreak


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    I was at the 2013 event too, but if I do have small clips their most likely on my old Galaxy S2 or on one of my wife’s old phones and I have no clue where they’re at currently. :\ Plus I think the only time we recorded anything was when Sonic was dancing to Nelly. :V It’s kind of odd knowing you were at a event that the livestream footage has been lost.
  8. ABPerson


    Well, it doesn't matter whether you did or didn't record anything at the event. As I said, there are plenty of crowd recordings, but the actual proper, high-quality live stream is gone and that's kind of sad.