Are the Sonic Boom Event LiveStreams Lost?

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    Wasn't sure if this justified it's own thread or not but figured it was worth it for a bit of investigation.

    I've been trying to research some old announcements and my search took me to the Sonic Boom conventions, now these have an odd history when it comes to documentation. Whilst the 25th anniversary party livestream is uploaded in full and is now infamous... It seems that LiveStreams for the previous Sonic Boom conventions/events are all lost?

    Not all of these events did get a livestream, but a few definately did, yet none of them appear to be online anymore.

    2011: I'm 50/50 on this, I can't remember if this got streamed or not?

    2012: This one didn't get streamed, at least I'm very sure it didn't.

    2013: This did get streamed, this was the original live stream link: ...Which now doesn't work, the site is still live but no recordings.

    Through on the wayback machine, there is a saved copy of when the page was live: ...But there doesn't appear to be a way to watch the recording.

    This is the one I'm most upset over, because it had the amazing moment where Sonic Dances to the uncensored version of Nelly's "Air Force Ones" then when Sonic dances to the right song... the zip on his costume starts to fail and Aaron has to run onstage and fix it.

    2014: Again, I want to say this did get a livestream, but no trace of one exists.

    Am I remembering this completely wrong? Or have all the official live streams been completely removed? Just that this seems like quite a big loss if an entire event livesteam isn't viewable anymore?
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    Jack shit.
    I wasn't even aware of anything being screamed besides the 25th Anniversary one.

    Then again, I was also at three of the four.
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    I remember watching the streams back in the day... but I don't know where to watch them now. Sorry.

    PD: I found some videos of past streams, but not the complete ones.

    Sonic Boom 2012 Sonic Adventure 2 XBLA/PS3 reveal trailer:

    Wreck-it Ralph reveal at SASRT Sonic Boom 2012

    Sonic Boom live cast reading - Sonic Boom 2014

    Jun Senoue and Tony Harnell concert - Sonic Boom 2014
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