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    That'd be a shame, if only because the SatAM cast came with a world, and at the very least gave Sonic a home base. Sonic's world is so inconsistent, and we don't know where he lives. Can they make a story for a character that's essentially a nomad with the sole mission being fight Eggman?

    But if Flynns on board, I mean he made a cohesive works before, he can again. And maybe they'll allow for a whole new universe, separate from the games and all previous media. Only thing then is it'd be over run with original the characters.

    I'm interested to see how this pans out.

    Also wow what a shock, Archie held onto a contract.
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    IDW was easily the best possible outcome for this. I can't wait to see what's in store for the series now.
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    There's no way in hell we'll ever see any of the SatAM characters ever again, but what's the consequence for their removal? I remember the fan outcry over Sally's (brief) death around #50 was pretty huge. You'd think dumping those characters would alienate 100% of the fanbase- probably 70% of that fanbase would give a continuation in the vein of Overdrive a chance, but worst case scenario, is the brand still strong enough to succeed in the comics space with a blank slate? Seems like the fans were keeping it on life support for a long while.

    One of those rare moments in the series that's actually worth discussing when the outcome is anyone's guess: We're about to get another canon. If it were up to Sega, this comic would probably be nothing but game adaptions (always the lamest parts of Archie on principle), but for the comic to thrive long term, a unique setting is going to have to take root with a consistency the games lack. Sega's probably going to be pushing a "no original characters" mandate, but that's going to kill the series long term. New characters are the lifeblood of comics, and with such a small stable of viable villains, I can see the writers having a tough time getting any substantial continuity going- which is also essential to comics. Why else am I going to renew my subscription if they're not telling me to Tune In Next Time for the character silhouette reveal? I don't know IDW, how do they generally handle their comics? Are there comic-exclusive My Little Pony characters? Is it all slapstick, or can they do depth? Does their TMNT ever go dark?

    I'm pretty confident whatever we get is going to be cool, though. I never would've said that about Sonic a year ago.
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    I doubt IDW would agree to such restrictive boundaries. The negotiations for a new partnership would've taken months, probably with input from writers and artists as well, and they would've pushed for plenty of freedom to work in.

    MLP has its own characters, and its own storylines, too - fuck, we even got a storyline that explained why Luna went Nightmare Moon in the first place (which also caused Rarity to go Nightmare as well) and why she shifted from her look in the first episode to her current one.

    And yes, TMNT goes dark for sure. I mean, fuck,
    Bebop and Rocksteady brutally killed poor Donatello at one point. Or at least beat him up hardcore, but I'm pretty sure they killed him.
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    The consequences are an entirely new story and set of characters in which Sonic continues to be manipulated into new universes... only with IDW overseeing things now. Unless the comic will be used to further Boom's lifespan... and it's.... universe?

    EDIT: Continue the storybook series through IDW? I can dream, right?


    Again, I'm going to wait to see what the stories are like before I jump to any conclusions. If Bunnie/Sally/Ant/Rotor/Snively, ect. are gone for good, so be it. The old soft reboot kind of made that entire storyline pointless anyway. It's just a shame that no true ending was ever given to us, but such is the case with so many western-styeld properties anyway.

    But yeah, they also can't just do a strict game adaptation format because those are pretty boring. I mean, something more in line with what the MegaMan comic was doing would work (flesh out the game canon AND fill in the gaps while keeping fairly close to the source), but even THEN they had a lot more characters in that franchise to choose from, what with each robot master technically being a unique character.

    We shall see. Archie Sonic, while still enjoyable, was pretty much on life support anyway after the Penders affair.
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    I actually wouldnt mind re-adaptations of stories from Archie past headed/written by Flynn, as if they're his material, I think they'd be fair game if he was interested in using character types and settings from his old work to flesh out a new world. Iirc the legal issues with Archie involved the use of stories and characters created by ex-Archie staff, however I don't think anything created / written by Flynn and Yardley is off limits. Penders never made his traitor character get posessed by a wizard and serve as a surrogate body, Flynn just made Geoferry do that. That plot is *his* if you replace that character with anything else.

    Of course itd be best if they were strictly adaptations and not re-writes entirely specifically to incentivize readers to keep buying the comics. Thing is there was nothing inherently wrong about the comic series under Flynn's pen pre-reboot, save specifically for the character and backstory liscences. The world created and the direction it was going was actually quite engaging, and had nice substance to it. I feel adapting those stories would make for a good backbone to what the series could be instead of haphazardly trying to tell the story of Unleashed while also being not-SatAM and dealing with re-establishing crap consistently; this could be a time to shead baggage and do good with old material.

    ......Thaaaaat said the stories are probably owned exclusively by Archie / under a liscencing hell of their own so unless Archie capsizes thats probably not possible. Capitalism everybody :specialed:
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    It's good to see Sonic comics aren't dead. In all honesty my dream comic is one that finishes Genesis of a hero, bridges the gap between that and 252verse (via game adaptations + major archie events) and then continues off of that. Of course I don't see that happening, so the most I can hope for is to just pick up where we left off. I really don't want to lose the SatAM/extended Archie cast, I really like them. I don't want a whole new "game stuff only" comic, it just feels limiting, especially since the games' stories are usually big piles of shit.
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    I never got into the comics. How faithful was Archie Sonic to the games' plots and characterizations in the latest reboot? I imagine if the plots of the new comic line feel like those of the games in spirit (particularly the games from Adventure to Unleashed, sans Shadow, '06, and Chronicles), much like how the Sonic OVA (which I wouldn't mind seeing expanded upon) did with the classic games, there's a chance I may pick it up.

    Before I heard about Ian Flynn rebooting the story to remove certain elements and adapting the games' plots, I was always scared off by how un-Sonic-y it seemed. I was never much of a SatAM fan nor did I care for its premise and I disliked the character designs until they started looking like they wouldn't be out of place in the games, so basing a continuity off of that was a huge deterrence. Not to mention... well, everything I learned about Ken Penders. Another factor was archive panic, which I experience with practically any long running series.

    If I had actually picked up Worlds Collide when it was still running, I would have probably gotten into Archie Sonic as a result. I was hearing good things about it and the classic series Mega Man comic. Being a huge Mega Man fan as well, I was interested in checking it out. Unfortunately, I'm not much of a comic reader, so I kept putting it off and then Mega Man got cancelled, so I lost any desire to get invested. I also hesitated because the existence of SatAM elements was still pretty off putting and, honestly, as cool as an Eggman/Wily team up sounded, I can't say I felt the same about a Sonic/Mega Man team up.

    Recently, I considered getting invested in the beautifully drawn Sonic Mega Drive series... which turned out to be on hiatus and then ultimately cancelled. I might buy it anyway, just to see if I enjoy the writing as much as the art.

    Anyway, part of me feels like I've been unfair to both the comic and SatAM characters due to my bias against SatAM itself, so even though I have no attachment to either, I still feel a bit bad about the comic's cancellation and the characters' likely exclusion from the next continuity.
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    Post reboot the comic was pretty faithful to the games they covered, but they took creative liberties to tie the games into existing media and a cohesive world. Unleashed was the overarching plot, but mixed in you get sonic the fighters integrated into a casino tournament run by Breezie, an Aosth character who's backstory was changed to have her (and Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts) integrated into Sonic 2 GGs plot. Tails sky patrol and Heroes were also integrated into backstory.

    Genesis of a Hero was meant to cover the original games in a universe that coincided with SatAM characters and it worked pretty well. Robotnik had Snively as a lacky and they were still trying to save the kingdom of acorn, but it existed on South Island and the plots made sense when combined with the games (unfortunately the comic was cancelled right before they got to S3K). Flynn did an excellent job taking a bunch of incoherent nonsense and crafting it into a story and world that made sense while still being faithful to all the media it was influenced by.
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    The best way, IMO, is if they start straight from Sonic 1 and build the lore from there. Don't do the whole 1 issue game adaption, fully flesh out Sonic 1 and the events using South Island as a backdrop for original stories as well, move onto Sonic 2, rinse and repeat. It would be nice if the Freedom Fighters come back, it is possible... IIRC IDW initially just picked up TMNT where Archie left off, didn't they?

    One thing is for sure, MLPxSonic crossover is inevitable now. :v:/>
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    Same. I'm cautiously optimistic that Ian will be able to bring the SatAM cast along with his cast. I'd even stomach yet another reboot as long as Ian's characters remain (I really liked the past couple of Sonic Universe issues, it would suck if all those heroes and villains are gone).

    My dream scenario is that IDW just slaps their logo in place of Archie's on the covers of the remaining unreleased issues. Emphasize on it being a dream, since I know this is extremely unlikely. :(
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  15. Nope, IDW started within their own continuity with a rather out-there take on the TMNT origins and many of the plot arcs only make sense within that continuity.
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    (For what it's worth, this is what we're going to be doing.)
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    This makes no sense. Yes, IDW TMNT is it's own continuity, but calling it out there is not true. Also, yeah, of course it only makes sense within that continuity. They're new interpretations. What do you expect?
  18. 1) My general point was that it wasn't linked to the Archie stuff in any way.

    2) You're probably looking at it now from the perspective when the comic hit it's stride, but the initial take on the origin story had a mixed reaction because it was heavily tweaked to be themed around reincarnation, destiny, and past selves (stuff that was that was not only absent, but some would argue thematically opposed, in any other TMNT origin, unless you count the Season 4 retcons of the TMNT2k3 cartoon in regard to destiny), and the main reason it's accepted now is because people took well to the arcs that played off on the angle. I myself took a "wait and see" approach to it because it was hard to tell where they were going with it at first. It probably didn't help that it was neither like the new cartoon like originally expected OR like the original Mirage comics, which some folks were hoping for in light of how those are basically dead.

    Of course, none of this is actually relevant to Sonic unless they suddenly decide Sonic is the reincarnation of an ancient Japanese samurai fighting Dr. Eggman, who is a reincarnation of an ancient Japanese warlord, and Tails is an actual Kitsune who may or may not have been the love interest of Sonic in his prior life.



    Okay, let IDW make that comic NOW. We need to see where that goes.
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    So...IDW Sonic will be like Fleetway Sonic?

    Cause I'd love to see Psycho Super Sonic again. Didn't he try to suffocate the entire planet once? Holy shit that was great.
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    So, Ian basically just confirmed that Sally x Nicole was intentionally written into the comic:

    [quotename='Ian Flynn'][quotename='Jennifer Hernandez']I did not know there was so much love for Sally and Nicole. >.> I really thought I was alone on that ship.[/quote]
    Aleah & I were amazed we got away with it being so blatant.[/quote]