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AOSTH got another Brazilian dub apparently? Any one here got some words to say about it?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by segamaniac, Mar 16, 2022.

  1. So I was scrolling YouTube tonight and I found a clip of the said dub, that one being of Tails saying cringe:

    Lots of people have commented (from what I saw over various online places) that there's drastic scripts changes in this redub, like mentioning Tik Tok dancing trends, and Brazilian "Sonictubers" are part of this cast:

    So I'm curious about what you people here gotta say on this, I think some Brazilian members are here if I remember correctly, since I haven't seen anything on here to talk about it and thought it'd make an interesting conversation topic. So fire away! ;)
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  2. Yuzu


    This is a really weird decision in 2022 but it’s honestly really cool to see a new dub of AOSTH. Legitimately wondering how this happened though.

    not a huge fan of the drastic script changes but nevertheless seeing AOSTH getting a new dub almost 30 years after it aired is surreal.
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  3. Azookara


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    The best thing I pulled from this info is that the AoSTH music library is still intact and in good clean condition, out there somewhere.
  4. Palas


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    I had absolutely NO IDEA this was going on. It's uh. It's interesting. Indeed, it seems to be filled with pop culture references to the brim, which I can't say I enjoy too much because some references are already dated and no longer funny. Still, it's beautiful to see AoStH getting attention again~

    (It's off-putting to hear Robotnik not dubbed by Isaac Bardavid, who was the official Brazilian Robotnik voice since the beginning, from AoStH to Sonic Boom, but sadly passed away last month).
  5. Pengi


    If this is official then it needs to go on the wiki.

    Was this dub produced for television, streaming, DVD, or something else? When was it released?
  6. Stink Terios

    Stink Terios

    Wait. Hold up.
    I thought this was a shitpost dub by memers, but it's actually official. What the hell.
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  7. I think a Brazilian YouTuber dubbed one of the characters, don't remember who it is right now. It seens he has no experience with dub at all.
  8. I kinda noticed that a bit too in the clips I saw on YT, I think it's either the VA doing Robotnik or Sonic if I recall correctly.

    Yep, that's what lot of others thought too in clip comments, with me included lol.

    I agree with your statement about AOSTH getting attention again, I love the show's wacky humor and art style, it's inspirational really.

    Good thinking, maybe I or anyone else here on Retro could make an entry for it. Dunno about how it's being distributed, but telling from the distributor's Instagram post, it might be streaming for sure since they distribute their media on platforms like Prime Video. I'll make sure to look into that later this morning and share.
  9. Yuski


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    This new dub is horrible, new voices don’t fit and the script changes make them worse.

    AOSTH for being a comedy cartoon, is normal when localized some jokes get adapted or changed because of language (some jokes that are fun in English isn’t in Portuguese and vice-versa). But they overdid this, change dialogues completly. One of most irritating is they calling Coconuts as “Mamaco” which is a meme in Brazil with word “Macaco” (monkey). Wasn’t one or other time, but all the time, even Coconuts himself referring to him as this name

    the dubbing of 13 first episodes were made at All Dubbing Studio in Rio de Janeiro. This studio don’t have a good reputation, don’t paying the VA’s well and basically no one from prior dubs are there. Was the first time Manolo Rey who’s Sonic voice in Brazil didn’t played the character since he begin dubbing him on end of 1999 - a SatAM redub for TV (the cartoon was dubbed incomplete for VHS in 1995)

    the distribution is for Streaming by A2 Films it was released on the Brazilian streaming Looke. Apparently this new dub was cancelled because of critics and poor reception (not confirmed yet).

    A redub was necessary for the series because the original 1994-1995 was incomplete (just 22 episodes done) and in the 90’s the contracts with voice actors weren’t well done, so many material prior to 2000 was needed to be redubbed

    I actually expect with Sonic 2 movie, they redub it again in a decent studio.