Anyone here remember their first Sonic Game?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Dan Genesis, Sep 14, 2010.

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  1. Dan Genesis

    Dan Genesis

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    My topic titles don't leave much to the imagination, do they? (quite the contrast to my book titles, actually...)

    Anyway, I'm serious - do you guys remember the first time you played a Sonic game? If so, what game was it?

    I remember the first game I played was Sonic 3 & Knuckles for the Genesis, around '97 I believe. I was hooked on the game, and I still play the hell out of it today. Probably if for no other reason than Hyper Sonic, who sadly, has not reappeared, but, beggers can't be choosers, they say.

    Yeah. It was pretty cool, actually. *gets lost on memory lane*
  2. Quarterman


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    Yep, Sonic 1 at my cousin's house when I was 5 or 6. I sucked. Badly. Still, it was one of those games where I refused to give up. set the course for me to be the huge fan I am today.
  3. Vinchenz


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    Sonic the Hedgehog, the first one, was the first Sonic game I played. My cartridge even still has the little scribbles I drew on it all those years ago.

    I also played Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 when those were out, although I have very few memories of them both as a child, the thing I remember most is Sonic turning Super in the beginning of 3. After all of those years, everytime I see that today, it blasts nostalgia into my mind. I don't own the original Sonic 2 cart I played and Sonic 3 is the only cart I'm missing from my Sonic Genesis collection.
  4. Skyler


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    Another one of these topics again. :v:

    It was Sonic 1 on Genesis. I was a little kid at my semi-local Hollywood Video looking for a game to rent. I then saw the cover and said, "Here's Sonic," not knowing anything about it. I decided even though he wasn't green (favorite color :P), I would get it anyway. I got home and loved it instantly. So yeah, I kinda judged this game by its cover. XP

    I remember using the A button to jump, and I thought he would do a punch or kick with the B and C buttons. :P
  5. My first Sonic game was Sonic 1 on the Master System. I was very young at the time, and I remember playing it at a babysitter's house. All I can remember is getting stuck on the loops and being told that I had to build up speed to get around them. The second and more dearer memory is playing Sonic 2 at a neighbor's house with a girl that I was best friends with at the time. Ah, fond memories...
  6. Willie


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    First song game I played was Sonic 1 at a neighbor's house when I was around eight years old and loved it. Later on, I got the PC version of Sonic 3D Blast and shortly afterwords added Sonic & Knuckles Collection to my small PC gaming library. Memories. ^_^
  7. 1st time I played a Sonic game was at a Christmas party. The movie we were watching at the time (I believe it was the Boy and the Red Balloon) was boring to me, so I decided to explore the house (I did that alot apparently when I was young) and found a group of kids playing a Genesis in the back room. They saw me watching and asked me If I wanted to play, and then they handed me the controller, told me how to move and jump, and I was set. Of course I wasn't awesome at it at the time, as I remember vividly dying at the first Motobug.

    It wasn't until a bit later when one of my cousins gave me their Genesis, along with Sonic 1, Sonic 2, and a few other games. Thats when I physically owned and played the games on my own.
  8. Spitfire


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    My older brother was having a "big-kid" party in the basement. He had his best friend bring his Genesis and copy of Sonic 1 to keep my attention and keep me upstairs and away from him and his friends. I spent the entire night trying to beat Green Hill Zone, god damn it. It was beautiful.
  9. Malgra


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    It was the original Sonic the Hedgehog for the Master System, but all I can remember (Vaguely) is opening it at Christmas.
  10. I barely remember it. It was at my sister's friend's apartment back in 1997. She had a Genesis and Sonic 2. I only saw it briefly, don't remember if I actually played it all.

    Then a few years later I went to visit family in B.C. and they also happened to have a Genesis and Sonic 1 & 2. I played it there for a bit. Finally after coming back home one of my friends had a Genesis and Sonic 3, and we played that all the time. Then I bought Mega Collection.
  11. Mr Lange

    Mr Lange

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    94, 4 years old. Got a Genesis and Sonic 2 for my birthday. Once I started playing it, I lived, ate, and breathed that game for some time. Its still my favorite game ever.
    At the party, my uncle gives me a pocket flashlight. Then I open another present to find a Sega Genesis console! But I had no idea what it was so I set it down and started waving the flashlight around.
  12. Namo


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    It was Sonic 2 for me. I remember I wasn't even 5 years old yet, and now you know why I'm here, eh?
  13. Ravenfreak


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    Sonic The Hedgehog in the summer of 1994. Like stated in my wiki page, it was my very first video game and I was instantly hooked there on. My cousins told me the level select code, and I know it by heart. I later looked up the Debug Code, and I know it by heart too of course.
  14. Rockman Zero

    Rockman Zero

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    My first Sonic game was in the summer of 1991 at a relative's house in Arizona. They said they had Genesis. So I went with their children into the game room and there it was: Sonic 1. I got up to Act 3 on Green Hill Zone and died; my gaming skills were weak at age 5. I also mistook Sonic for Felix the Cat (the movie came out the same year). I was captivated by the surreal environments in the game.

    I believe it wouldn't be until a year later that my dad purchased my first Genesis which came with Sonic 1. He also bought Alex Kidd and Desert Strike with it. My gaming skills had increased to where I could make it to Labyrinth Zone, but that was it. The stupid end climb of Act 3 would always get me. So I cheated my way to Star Light Zone with the level select code. :v:

    Later that year, I'd have very memorable times playing Sonic 2 with my brother and my sister.
  15. MarkeyJester


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    Sonic The Hedgehog, the funny thing about it was, I was given a Megadrive 2 with one old and one new controllers (one with red and one with grey start buttons), Sonic The Hedgehog had a European cover and manual, with a USA cartridge.

    I must admit, I did like the USA design back then, seeing GHZ like that was just... awesome.
  16. MarkoMan


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    Sonic 2 Turbo
    Sonic 2. I think I was 7, but with thought I could probably come up with an accurate age.

    I played through Emerald Hill, then I got stuck on Chemical Plant. The rising water totally baffled my young, gaming mind.
  17. Doppelgengar


    Mine was Sonic 2. I remember trying it out at Toys 'r' Us, and I begged my parents for a SEGA Genesis. Me and my brother got the Genesis/Sonic 2 bundle for Christmas, I believe it was.
  18. TmEE


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    Sonic 1 on SMS, damn it blew anything I had played on NES away (I had played roughly 400 games on the NES fore I got a SMS)... sometime later Sonic3, on emulator, then shortly after real hardware :)
  19. Graxer


    It was Sonic 1 (Mega Drive) at one of my friend's houses. I was probably about 4 or 5 at the time. I was terrible at it and couldn't even beat Green Hill Zone!
  20. Cooljerk


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    Sonic the Hedgehog 1, Christmas 1991

    All I wanted that christmas was Sonic. I didn't know what a sega genesis was (I had a sega master system) but I knew I wanted Sonic. My parents got me the Sonic + Genesis pack and I was hooked from the moment I booted it up.

    I can't explain now how mind boggling the graphics were. For most of the younger users on here, it must seem weird for the genesis to be considered a powerhouse in the graphics department, but back in 1991 it was. I had never seen a Super NES before. The Genesis was incredible. I got Thunderforce III and Columns along with Sonic 1, and together those 3 games made my face fucking melt. Level 2 - Hydra, of thunder force III, for those first few days, was the most amazing thing ever. That screen-filling sin-wave distortion was unbelievable.

    I was terrible at Sonic when I first got it. Took me days to beat Greenhill Zone. The day I got it, my sister played it for a bit after me and got to the special stage. It blew my mind. I lost to Robotnik in Greenhill zone many times.

    Once I got the groove, I found that Spring Yard Zone was actually my biggest stumbling block. That level was fucking hard. For weeks I couldn't beat it, but when I finally could, I found Labyrinth Zone to be fairly easy. Speaking of which, the transparency effect in Labyrinth Zone was easily the coolest thing I had EVER seen. The green tint to the water made it look so... real. I cannot express how mind blowing that effect was, and it easily cemented Labyrinth Zone as my favorite level in the game. I seriously loved that effect.

    I can even remember the day I first beat Sonic 1. Final Zone gave me fits until I realized that if I was patient, I could just hug the right side of the screen and slowly beat the boss. To this day I still use this same tactic, haha.

    Man, good fucking memories. I was with Sonic since the very beginning. I actually remember vividly every single sonic game I ever recieved. I could give stories like this for the entire series.

    the fondest memory I have of Sonic, though, is when I got Sonic CD. That entire christmas morning was complete, utter magic.

    I played the entire sonic series in order, as they were released, but no game, except maybe the original, hit me as hard, or as awesomely, as Sonic CD. I loved the Sega CD from the moment I got it. I'd say it's probably my 2nd favorite sega console as a whole.
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