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Any recent Sonic-related dreams?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Endgame, Aug 17, 2009.

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  1. Endgame


    Formerly The Growler Member
    Since the last thread was way back in 2003 [and I didn't have this dream back then, obviously], so I think it's as good a time as any to share some new ones!

    Anyway, I dreamt that [seeing as Sonic can be so cocky at times] Robotnik tricked Sonic to sit on this 'rocking horse'-type thing, and Robotnik chained him to it - which had a bomb on it that would go off in 15 minutes. Sonic knew he could escape at any time, so mocking Robotnik he pretended to go to sleep (because he was SO bored).

    Unfortunately he really DID go to sleep, and he dreamt about how Sonic's mother looked after him as a baby - she used to give him teaspoonfuls of *chilli sauce* instead of milk, and he lived on that until his mother died (I presume). There was also this cute(!?) scene where Sonic - somehow being able to withstand the heat - was sat in a FRYING PAN as a baby, eating this chilli sauce (which is obviously where he must've got his love for chilli-dogs from) again.

    Then his dream cuts to Sonic being in a supermarket, where he was about 10 or 11... but he looked human. Although, Sonic was looking in a mirror, and I think he could feel his spikes growing on the back of his head.

    Anyway, the scene cuts back to Sonic - still asleep, and Robotnik tells us we only have a couple of minutes left! (which I guess Robotnik's plan was to bore Sonic to sleep, so he'd be too tired to try and escape). So I tried to wake Sonic to tell him there's not much time left, but he was still asleep. So I decided to attack Robotnik myself...

    But then he dropped his KEYS onto the floor! So I unlocked/unchained Sonic from what he was on, and kicked the thing away before it blew up!

    So in the end, I saved Sonic's life while he was asleep!!
  2. RedStripedShoes


    And I'm gone again. Member
    I'm... not sure how to react to that.
  3. El Gran Gordo

    El Gran Gordo

    Yosh Member
    I once had a dream that Eggman got his very own cartoon show.

    I spent the entirety of the episode looking for a tape to record it with, and by the time I got back, the show had ended.

    It was a lame dream.
  4. Overlord


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    Long-term happiness
  5. RedStripedShoes


    And I'm gone again. Member
    Not to mention this gem.


    My full name is Doctor Ivo Robotnik. + - .. not that anyone's ever asked.  
  6. Ross-Irving


    See? This is what should be animated. Not the Sonic shorts, it would be hilarious. However, I would get rid of the ending and make it end in a weird spot. Also, to give it the feeling of a dream, the tone would have to be anxious. Studies have shown (I know that's really vague) that the most common feeling felt after a dream or during a dream is anxiety. Oh, and keep Sonic as a hedgehog throughout, rather than a transformation into one. Baby Sonic sitting in a fucking frying pan sucking chili sauce off his pudgy, gloved fingers, while rolling in it and making sizzly noises. Fucking hilarious.

    As far as Sonic dreams go, I have never had one. I haven't had any dreams that dealt with video games or video game characters. I wish that I would though, I have a good imagination.
  7. Frozen Nitrogen

    Frozen Nitrogen

    Wouldn't the door have been easier? Wiki Sysop
    Ditto with Sonic-less-ness. I once had one where a holiday to 19th-century Cambodia somehow merged into a game of Alpha Centauri, though. That was... weird.
  8. Ritz


    Subhedgehog Member
    I'm not lame enough to have Sonic-related dreams anymore, but I did have a recent dream where I was kid Goku from Dragonball. It featured me collaborating with Doc Brown from Back to the Future in an attempt to blow up a rehab clinic my mother used to attend, and culminated with Mulder and Scully (X-Files) jumping out of the back of a black van along with a squad of roughly 12 men armed with laser guns sent to take me down.

    That "baby Sonic in a frying pan" scenario is the sort of thing that gives internet people erections. It is my professional opinion that this dream was a reflection of your own repressed sexuality.
  9. The Prof

    The Prof

    The Island Professor Member
    Orkney, Scotland
    Sonic 1 Yarmar Edition
    I once had a dream where I was fast enough that I could run across the surface of water sort of like in Hydrocity zone. I had a look around my island and discovered a new lighthouse. Then I tripped over a huge wave and woke up. It was kinda fun while it lasted.
  10. GT Koopa

    GT Koopa

    Elgin, IL
    Flicky Turncoat DX, T.L.W.S. Vs M.G.W.
    I have played Sonic video games in my dreams. Like Sonic 3's Angel Island act 1 in 3D ala Sonic Adventure. However, some were like existing titles, but different. I remember playing Sonic Rush like games, that all have these fantastic fast pased and variety zones. However these games I remember always had a dissapointing final boss and extra boss.

    My most recent sonic game dream was a warped version of Sonic Advance 3, it had the same hub level structure as SA3 but it was a completely different game. Like there was a Halloween level, and the main hubworld bg music's had a particular name (as it was etched up on the sign) but I forgot it. I did remember the tune when I woke up, and put it into the nearest recording device I could find. So yeah, I can recreate it since it was saved.
  11. Mercury


    His Name Is Sonic Tech Member
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    I have Sonic dreams quite regularly, actually. I'm either playing a 2D game, a 3D game, or even running through a Zone as though I'm Sonic himself, with the sensations of running and jumping.

    Most recently, I was playing a desert level as Knuckles, in which Robotnik was building an enormous sphinx-like statue of a roc (a large mythical bird) to scare the native population, in whose legends a roc would one day come and swallow the sun. For that reason, the zone was called Sun Thief Zone. I distinctly remember gliding and climbing around on the stones in various states of assembly, and large chains with bricks suspended on the end crisscrossed the foreground. There was an area with a sand geyser, and a boulder. Knuckles was able to punch the boulder, which rolled on to the sand geyser, plugging it up. After a moment, the geyser erupted, sending the boulder into the air, and if Knuckles stood atop it, he could reach a higher area.

    My Sonic dreams are a major source of ideas for me. I also find it kind of funny that since I started playing Sonic using emulators, I can rewind and other such things in the dreams. So in a way, real-life technology trickles in.
  12. Flygon


    I've never had any recallable Sonic related dreams.

    I could give you stories of me being a Breloom, but no dice for Sonic sorry.
  13. MykonosFan


    MODE CHANGE. Moderator
    I had a dream that SEGA released a good Sonic game that put the fanbase into harmony and no more stupid sonic related internet shit ever occured and everyone got along just swell in regards to Sonic.

    Then I woke up.

  14. trakker


    The guy that's been warned! Member
    Thats my fault, I had a dream that I was directing the best Sonic game ever, you must have been seeing the fruits of my imagenary labour.


    One time I was with Tails in his mech, (I recall I had Eggmans mech, but I wasent him or anything, I was me) we were in Sandopolise, and Tails has equiped Proton streams onto the walkers and were were busting thoses pesky ghosts.
  15. BlueSatoshi


    Aspiring Game Designer
    Glendale, CA
    Contest Entry
    I had a very brief one: In the area where you fight a robot near the end of Windmill Isle Zone Day in Sonic Unleashed, I was running alongside Sonic while the boss music was starting, and then my sister woke me up. For some reason, for the rest of the morning until I went to school, my heart was beating very fast.
  16. Skyler


    Neonネオン Cowgirlカウガール Site Staff
    The next audtion
    Nothing lately, but I had one in particular where you could go Super Sonic in Sonic 3D. And it was actual 3D. And Diamond Dust had slides and shit.

    Sonic's spines didn't stand up though. >:O
  17. Phithpleis


    Nein Member
    Your location
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    Sonic and the Tetris L-block playing checkers and sipping diluted Russian dressing. + - ..while underwater in Hydrocity zone.   :psyduck:
  18. Endgame


    Formerly The Growler Member
    I know it's a strange thing to have in my dream, but what have you been smoking to think something like that up? O_o
  19. Iceguy


    グー! Member
    Hell. It's in my head.
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    About four years ago, I had a dream about getting Tails and Knuckles in a box for birthday. :psyduck:

    Other than that, I've got some dreams about playing Sonic games every now and then. Like last night, I was playing Chaotix. But nothing extraordinary, at least, not that I remember.
  20. Enzo Aquarius

    Enzo Aquarius

    20% Cooler. Member
    Canada, eh.
    Sonic TV Scripts, Sonic Comic Wiki Work
    Actually, last night, I had a dream of going to a flea market and finding some Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Shadow plushies. :psyduck:
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