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Any ideas on getting the sounds out of a DC game?

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by DinnerSonic, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. DinnerSonic


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    Recently I've been trying to get some random voice clips out of some games for a personal thing of mine, the short kind for things like attacks or such rather than standard dialogue. The latest thing I've tried to get are the various "Up" "Right" "Left" "Down" type noises from some of the characters in Space Channel 5 Part 2[n "English vocals on the Dreamcast" mod I had found, to be exact] by digging directly into the files.

    I managed to use some program called AFSExplorer that was made for some sort of soccer/football game to extract the AFS files that contain a lot of the stuff in the game, even finding the ADX files for the music and various lines of dialogue, but it seems that the sound effects and such are just stuck in nameless .bin files(which are inside various "R[Level Number][Section Number]BANK.AFS" files). I've tried to open them as raw sound files in Audacity, the best I got was using variations on VOX ADPCM Mono, usually at a sample rate of 22050, but they still come off weird, with small sound issues and weird volumes.

    I also tried just rebuilding the CDI file after renaming the music files so it'd be silent, leaving just the sounds and voices, but I couldn't manage to get a bootable file out of it. I figured I'd go back to trying to get the voice bits directly, which definitely got farther at least, but I just can't manage to get Audacity to play them perfectly. Anyone here have any ideas on this format? If it helps, a quick look in a hex editor shows several SOS and ENDs.

    Oh, and while I doubt it, if anyone here knows anything about a different sound pack format that ends with .SAMP that's used in "Bomberman Jetters" on the GameCube, feel free to chime in too. I have a family member who wanted voice clips out of that one, so it was something else I tried to rip from. It came out even worse in Audacity than Space Channel 5 Part 2, though voices and such were still vaguely identifiable.
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    Not from Space Channel 5 Part 2, but quite close.

    This .zip file contains some sounds extracted from Rez. Specifically, the Morolian's lockon sounds. (It contains 'Shoot', 'Right', 'Left', 'Up', 'Down', '*Boing*', '*Buzz*' and '*Ding*').

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    Try ripping it with PSound, it can open a share of Dreamcast formats as well.
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    You might have better luck trying to extract the sounds from the versions of Space Channel 5: Part 1+2 found on the PlayStation 2. The PAL and International NTSC versions definitely had the English voices enabled by default, and if you're planning to convert the audio to something like WAV or MP3 for personal use, then the source will hopefully not alter the end result.