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(Another) Shadow in Sonic 1

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by AsuharaMoon, Jan 18, 2019.

  1. AsuharaMoon


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    Yup, it's him again. But we all know the only Shadow in S1 (made by FeliciaVal) hasn't aged well over the years, and so, I took a couple of months to develop a more presentable one:


    • B/C: Jump
    • Down + A/B/C: Spin Dash
    • Jump + Hold C: Drop Dash
    • A: Light Dash
    • (Only in midair) A/B/C: Forced Rolling
    • Jump + Hold Up + B: Super Shadow / Revert (needs 6 emeralds)
    • Jump + Hold Down + B: Chaos Blast (Only as Super, drains 10 rings)

    Due to some personal stuff, I haven't been able to improve the Light Dash more than planned, but I think it will be fine until the next major update I do.
    And before you ask "Where's the Homing Attack?", just take note that almost everyone in the hacking scene agrees the technique is a big NO for classic Sonic games. So I made an exception here and brought the Drop Dash directly from Sonic Mania, in order to provide a bit of variety.

    Download (v1.1 - SHC 2019)

    • E-122-Psi: Coding and feedback (Thanks again!)
    • JoenickROS: Custom SMPS (I Am All Of Me)
    • Crash (SSRG): Original Light Dash code
    • MarkeyJester: Coding
    • TheKKM, MotorRoach & Kapacitado: Sprites related stuff (check my sprite sheet for more info)
    • J4y and Lisnovski: Additional Spritework
    • VladikComper: MegaPCM
    • Gemini0: Coding and Betatesting
    • Mercury: Demo recording tool
    • Aier: Betatesting
    • Iso Kilo: Special Thanks
    Go play on the Sound Test these numbers for the following features!
    • 93: Get all the six Chaos Emeralds
    • 9E: Credits
    • 9F: Ending Sequence
    Special Moves
    (you can only activate one at a time)
    • 9A: Chaos Spear:
    Press A to shoot, even in midair!
    • 9B: Gun Mode:
    Same as the Chaos Spear, but faster.
    Both moves cannot hit the Final Boss for now; also these nerfs the main moveset and the ability to turn Super.

    • 9C: Speak Mode (voice clips):
    Now you can make Shadow speak during certain actions, with both English and Japanese voices depending the console's region!
    There's also a little easter egg at the beginning and end of the 4th special stage! (English only)

    • 9D: Deactivate everything
    Oh and, there's a little cameo on MZ right where a known plumber's face kinda shown up...
    Version 1: Initial release
    Version 1.1: Sonic Hacking Contest 2019 release​
    • Added Spindash/Dropdash release's dust (directly from Mania), and the camera delay.
    • Replaced Dropdash's sound effect with a more accurate one.
    • Addition of new secret modes (including new spritework), and minor extras features.
    • Removed HUD from the Ending Sequence.

    EDIT (12/09/20): Updated to Version 1.1 (SHC2019). Check the changelog for more details.
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  2. Lostgame


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    While it is, of course, 'yet another' Shadow hack, the addition of new moves always adds a much greater sense of desire for a full play-through then just a simple sprite swap. Looks like good stuff, I'll give it a shot later tonight.
  3. Awesome. I just loaded it up and played it :) Nice work
  4. Aquaslash


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    I just wanted to say that the sprite work is VERY well done here. I've always wanted Shadow with a proper classic style run and you've delivered in spades!
  5. Aerosol


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    Would love a gameplay vid
  6. AsuharaMoon


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    Wow, I wasn't really expecting a reaction from you! Thanks dude!

  7. JamesRock7


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    It looks awesome, like an non-hack game. So nice it's worth give it a try.