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Another derptastic Q

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by Travelsonic, Oct 28, 2017.

  1. Travelsonic


    So I have been working with a disassembly of DDRMAX2 for the PS2 - Japanese version - in IDA pro, as well as using PCSX2dis + a copy of the game, to figure out the game engine, and its various components. Found a lot of important functions, and a number of variables, but am a bit lost about something: What methodologies would you recommend if you want to find (or have a better chance of finding), and separating code that is specific to objects in the game (objects with graphics, things like life health meters, things the player interacts with, etc) - versus the functionality that manipulates those things?

    Obviously, disassemblies are gonna be a bit tricky to work with sometimes, I just feel like those who have been through the wringer of disassembling a game before could offer some good pointers to help, as I feel like my effort is stagnating, and I'm beginning to feel frustrated.
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