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ANBERNIC RG-ARC (or, “Return of the Nomad”)

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by LordOfSquad, Oct 24, 2023.

  1. Azookara


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    Forgot to mention that I got mine!


    Extremely comfortable; maybe my favorite handheld ever as far as ergonomics go. Colors look super nice too. Superb design.

    As mentioned before, it can only go so far on Saturn and 6th gen emulation, but everything below that works fairly well. At the very least for Dreamcast, it can play Virtua Fighter 3tb and Soul Calibur well. Haven't tested Project Justice or Tech Romancer yet but if it can play those then we're pretty much golden. Though I would like to test Model 2 and 3 emulation on it too at some point. Aching for some Daytona and SCUD Race on the go.

    This is pretty much gonna become my machine for playing Genesis/32X/CD, NES/SNES and GB/GBA games. I just wish the menus were a bit less ducktape-and-glue, and that it wasn't such a hassle to change mappings. That's about all I've got bad to say though. I'm loving it.
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    How is the performance on the Saturn and PS1 performance on the thing?