Analogue Mega Sg (FPGA Genesis/MD; April 2019)

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by Jason, Oct 16, 2018.

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    For reference:

    (Happens at around 4:10)
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    There is a lot of marketing hype coming from Analogue - I guess what you're taking issue with is the statement "Total Accuracy."

    Byuu has an excellent reply to this kind of marketing hype:'t-magic/

    In the end, Analogue is absolutely not worried about accuracy, despite what the marketing says. They're not releasing their source code, they're not devoted to preservation, they're not MAME. They're a business trying to make a profit - so they sure as hell don't want overscan borders.
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    Frankly I'm interested in this just for the Game Gear compatibility. Mega Game Gear, a reality at last =P
  4. @Overlord, I'm in the same in the boat. I was interested at the notion of Master System support since I don't own the console or a powerbase converter. Now I am all about it, my Gamegear needs a replacement screen, but I'd much rather play my collection on a TV.
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    While this device is still in development, and I couldn't find any threads about the subject, has anyone here checked out Hyperkins current effort in their Mega Drive clone series - the Mega RetroN HD? It seems to be typical SoC fair, but with HDMI out, and added Virtua Racing compatibility (which is a first for SoCs as far as I know).

    Could be a potential winner in the budget price category for those that wish to play their carts on modern TVs, but cannot be dealing with the setup and/or picture clarity (or lack thereof) that comes with trying to play retro systems on modern TVs.
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    I need to get hold of one of them to see, but the other possibility is that it's running emulation to achieve HDMI-out and SVP compatibility. Their RetroN 5 device which had the same functionality plus compatibility with a bunch of other cartridge-based systems used Retroarch (an emulator) on what was essentially an Android chip. That said, there was a big stink over certain emulation cores having non-commercial stipulations in their licenses (including Genesis Plus GX), Hyperkin might have reverted to an improved version of the SoC technology from the original RetroN 1-3 line-up, and stuck in a Analog-to-Digital video converter chip.
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    Bummer they couldn't get 32X to work, but it's an otherwise solid package. With Everdrive compatibility, I wonder if firmware can be updated for the other systems. No picture of the CD spacer, either.

    Someone run Overdrive 2 on this to see how accurate it is.
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    Well, they said they're going to see if they can find a solution to getting the 32X working post launch. So there's still hope! Maybe they'll do the 32X on a FPGA?

    In other news, mine shipped today. Should be here Monday or Tuesday. I can't wait!
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    My Life in Gaming has a very extensive review of the system.
    DF Retro has a good one, too.

    Anyone have it? How do you like it?