Am I crazy, or are the classic stages in Sonic Generations just not fun?

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  1. _oliver


    I recently picked up Sonic Generations, and I'm loving it. Modern sonic controls beautifully and I can't stop replaying the act 2 stages just to get even a marginally faster time, I love it and can't get enough of it.
    But I cant seem to enjoy the classic stages no matter how much I want to like them. For the most part, I prefer the 2D games to the 3D games. Sonic 3&K is my favorite game of all time. I went into this game thinking I would adore the classic stages, yet I usually play them once or twice then go back to the modern acts.
    Classic sonic's jump just feels heavy and unsatisfying, his running animation is ugly, and his spindash is overpowered, which, granted, is fun sometimes, but it just makes it's use cases go way down.
    Jumping out of a spindash in the classic games is a fun technique to get more out of a jump when a normal one just doesn't work. In generations, trying to spindash jump just feels awful. Sonic blasts off so quickly that sometimes, I don't even jump properly and sonic just goes barreling into a pit, and even if you do manage to do it correctly, he goes so quickly that you have a 50/50 chance of overshooting your jump and, again, dying horribly.

    Act 1 stages, to me, just feel like the 2D sections of modern stages, but with a heavy jump that feels awful to use, unsatisfying animations, and a shitty spindash that has had half of it's use cases removed. What's worse, is that the ring system has been made even further abusable, since with enough rings, sonic doesnt even lose all of his rings, which is a good mechanic in the blazing fast modern levels where you don't have time to go back for your rings, but just makes the classic stages easier than they should be.

    Am I crazy? It feels like everyone loves classic sonic in generations, but all I can think while playing them is "I wish I was playing an act 2 level" or "I wish I was playing a real classic sonic game". At the very least, classic sonic isn't as bad as the werehog. (Not a very high bar lol)
  2. Beamer the Meep

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    I found them immensely fun actually and always wondered if people didn't care for them at the time. I often lament the lack of mods for Classic Sonic actually because I figured "oh well, guess people didn't care for it..."

    The thing about Classic Sonic stages is that they do a decent job with taking the classic gameplay and playing around with it in a 3D space. Sky Sanctuary in particular did this quite a bit and it's a shame we don't have anything else like it Sonic Forces Doesn't Exist. I think of it ina similar being to what Pac-Man: Adventures in Time did with traditional Pac-Man gameplay, it's very refreshing imo.

    Now, I wouldn't say you're crazy for liking it though, everyone is entitled to their opinion. There might just be things that didn't resonate with you the way it may have with me. I can get that the level design not being more like 3 & Mania's might be a turn-off for some.
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    I'm probably among the few that actually preferred the look and feel of Sonic 4 Episode I to it. I replay that all the time but I've only played Generations that first time in 2013, 2012 or whatever year I bought it. Neither of those quite pulled off what Sonic Mania accomplished.
  4. Blue Spikeball

    Blue Spikeball

    I might have enjoyed the classic acts in Gens if they didn't have such horrendous physics. For all the flak S4E1's physics got, at least they didn't make me randomly uncurl when rolling. They didn't have a super awkward jump and spindash, or make it impossible to retain speed without without spindashing every few seconds.
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  5. Linkabel


    I personally liked all of Classic Sonic's levels in Generations, especially City Escape with the truck chasing you and altering the level design.

    While I appreciate the straightforward and superb level design of Mania I really hope a future 2D Sonic game takes some cues of what was done in Generations.
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  6. raphael_fc


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    I like them, they just don't feel like the classic games. I like the modern stages better, it's the pinnacle of level design for the boost formula.
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  7. corneliab


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    There are many scripted moments, and classic Sonic's physics are a strange departure from what they should ideally be, but I still enjoy those stages in Generations a lot. I honestly think the stage design is consistently quite good and sometimes even very inventive (hello City Escape). The level design is specifically what makes classic Sonic in Generations work for me.
  8. Turbohog


    I enjoyed them at the time, largely due to nostalgia and the fact that I hadn't played a decent Sonic game in a decade. I can't really go back and replay them now. The physics and scripted sequences are too frustrating. The level design also has nothing on the classics or Mania.
  9. Crasher


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    I enjoyed them enough on a first playthrough, but I never tended to replay them. The scripted sequences are nice and I enjoyed some of the gimmicks.

    Classic Sonic just feels weird to play, and I dislike it enough that I never bothered to go back to the stages.
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    The classic acts in gens are godawful for pretty much all the reasons listed in the posts above. As much as I tried, I don't think I'll ever understand why people like them so much.

    Sonic 4 and Sonic Forces aren't masterpieces, but I think they at least made use of what they had physic and gimmick wise to make their 2d stages enjoyable experiences. Gens' classic stages...good lord. I haven't replayed them since around 2014, and I don't think I ever will again.
  11. Forte


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    I like them. Forces on the other hand...
  12. Crimson Neo

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    Even if doesn't make sense, I like how spindash in this game let you go like a fucking bullet because how fast it is.
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  13. Childish


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    Bouncing on enemies felt really unsatisfying also I just absolutely hate the lack of emotion in the classic model it just seems so stiff.
  14. The Joebro64

    The Joebro64


    I think this is a good video relevant to this topic.
  15. BlueSkiesAM2


    I’d have to replay them to give my thoughts but they’re not stages that stand out in my mind. The appeal of Generations to me was always seeing 2D stages reimagined in 3D, not the other way around. I can remember the feel of the levels being too different from the classics to love them outright, but it’s been so long that I’d have trouble commenting on their worth as a stand-alone product.

    I’m in the airport going to Amsterdam for a little long weekend and I actually brought the 3DS Sonic Generations so maybe I’ll replay that a bit and give my thoughts. I only just got it last Summer since I was picking up games I never played. I remember the classics being 1-to-1 recreations which is unfortunate but the Dreamcast era games should be interesting.
  16. LucasMadword


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    For me, I enjoyed the Generations 2D stages, but when I go back and replay the game on a save file that's 100%-ed, I pretty much revisit the same few levels again and again, none of which being the 2D stages. I generally replay most 3D stages there are (except Planet Wisp for obvious reasons haha, and I usually exit out of City Escape at the chase sequence).

    I don't dislike the 2D stages, the physics weren't perfect (but are completely playable and enjoyable for what they are).... but if I'm replaying Generations the levels I care about are 3D; if I wanted 2D, Mania scratches that itch much better.
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  17. Crimson Neo

    Crimson Neo

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    I really, really, love playing Speed Highway, City Escape and Rooftop Run as a 2D (Act 1) stages tho'. But I admit half of the reasons for Rooftop Run case is to admire how beautiful this stage is.

    But yeah, I think City Escape is probably the most fun stage to play as Classic Sonic. At least for me.
  18. Metalwario64


    I completely agree about the model (and the various physics complaints). In my opinion, the mix of the Western and Japanese designs ended up giving us the worst of both worlds, and the animations just don't match any of the classics sprites.
  19. Turbohog


    I completely agree on City Escape. It's definitely the most memorable level. The only other level I really remember is Crisis city due to the goal post fake-out.
  20. qwertysonic


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    Speaking as someone who dislikes the fundamentals of the boost formula, I prefer the 3D stages to the 2D stages. I think the 3D stages are just better designed. The 2D stages feel stiff and unforgiving. If you miss a high jump, or don't get the right bounce off an enemy, there's no way to go back and try again. That's not how the Genesis games were designed.