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Alternate debug menu activation for Sonic CD

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Flygon, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. Flygon


    The Jackel of Sega-16 requested I post this, due to still being in pending. I've got nothing to do with this, I ran this by GerbilSoft and others via IRC, and this shouldn't have been discovered yet.

    Original Sega-16 topic here and a quote below.

    Someone Wikifying this would be great, because I'm quite dumb with my ability to shovel things into there without looking like a complete dumbass.

    Edit: Media tags don't work on MP4 files, apparently.
  2. Espyo


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    Just tried it with Gens, and it works like a charm! This is amazing! It only works in the PAL version though. I tried it in the US version, and it didn't work, though my US version ROM might be a bit broken. The demo for PPZ1 has Sonic moving slow at first, and after the... "3D loop", he just moves outright weirdly. Now, we need to test this on a better US version, if mine is really broken, and we need to test every single port. ...That allows for a 2nd controller, of course. Get to it, lads!
    Anyway, if you're in a hurry to get debug mode, you should just use the sound test method, because having to wait for the main menu to timeout, having to cancel the intro video, having to wait for the menu again and finally getting a demo takes a lot longer than just typing it in the sound test. This is of course a preferred method, because one won't have to memorize the correct number sequence.
    I'll add it to the wiki's article in a second: Cheat Codes:Sonic the Hedgehog CD
  3. Endri


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    I really wanted to say this is news to me but, after a long time trying to remember it, I think I figured where I read about this before; I had this "game secrets guide" booklet, and it listed this particular trick. Another thing that it listed but I've never seem documented anywhere is for the PC version of Sonic CD. You could write


    (or something like that) in the .ini file on the main install directory of the game, and it would instantly enable the debug mode.
  4. MainMemory


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    It's on the wiki.
  5. Sik


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    being an asshole =P
    The 510 proto has a similar way to enable debug mode actually.
  6. SegaLoco


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    I was just about to say that actually. In the 510 it would pop a second sonic sprite onto the screen as well (was 2P mode considered at one point? A partner? Nobody knows) but anyway, this method might be a leftover from that early debug setting that sega didn't take out, whether on purpose or on accident remains a mystery :P