After (or close to) 15 years, Japan will finally broadcast the un-aired Episodes on Sonic X in 2020.

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    No problem! Just glad I'm able to provide some level of more in-sight with the series.

    Realistically, I don't expect them to do too much for these episodes, outside of maybe remixing some elements. Your best best is us getting a new Opening and Ending, as well as getting proper credits for these stretch of episodes, provided TMS still has this data archived somewhere (hopefully they do, as they've been generally pretty good at keeping masters as a whole, especially during the digital era, but we'll see).

    It's really rare for companies to keep the original composites for their shows. Occasionally you hear stories of this, notably Sunrise doing it whenever possible (see: Gao Gai Gar OVA and Gundam Seed's HD remasters), but I'd imagine these could succumb to Digital Corruption and what not. Not to mention, for all we know, the original composites were also tossed after completion of production.

    Either way, we'll see. I'll be able to get recordings of this airing, thanks to a friend, so I'll report on this situation as it airs.
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  2. Thanks for the information. It really makes me happy to know that X didn't bomb in Japan. The Japanese version of X is honestly my personal favorite animated adaptation of the series, alongside the Sonic OVA.

    I'm guessing the episodes will be cropped to 16:9 like Dragon Ball Kai to meet with Japanese broadcasting regulations. Either way I'm excited to see if anything's different this time around. Maybe if it does well it could drum up interest to revive the show or finally give us a proper physical Japanese release, even if it's just a DVD release or an SD Blu-ray release. I'm not going to hold my breath, though, since the Sonic franchise isn't nearly as popular as it used to be; especially in Japan.
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    Would be nice to see a new opening animaion (even if they keep Sonic Drive, which isn´t a problem for me) and credits.

    Will wait for news~
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    Not going to be a fan of changing the OP and ED due to how integrated their use was in the series, the ending song for example usually started seconds before the actual end credits is shown which was a pretty cool thing I have rarely seen anime do.
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    Some more information.

    Kids Station will start running 1 episode a day, twice a day. Starting on January 6th, Sonic X will starts it's reruns, with an episode at 19:30 JST (effectively 7:30PM) each day, with re-runs of that episode at 4:00AM JST the following day. It appears to be a weekday run with no runs on the weekend.

    This lines up to what I suspected for an April release of 53, provided Kids Station withholds premieres of 53+ then (as this should finish up mid-way through March). Bakugan Battle Planet will finish on TV Tokyo at the end of March, with the movie of Sonic the Hedgehog premiering on March 27th, so if I was a betting man, Sonic X 53+ will likely premiere on TV Tokyo in April, replacing the Bakugan Battle Planet time slot, with Kids Station rolling the episodes out shortly after.

    Curious that Kids Station is airing the episodes in what's essentially a Prime Time slot (or Golden Time), even for a paid cable and satellite channel. They definitely seem to be really putting a lot on this.

    Either way, we're in for a couple months leading up to the premiere of these episodes in Japan.

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    Thanks for keeping us in the loop! I'm pretty keen to see what they do with a new OP and ED - even if it's just a new song on top of existing footage or a compilation of clips.