Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

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    Despite its hideous background art and animation quality, AoStH had a certain charm to it. The show could actually keep you interested and the characters acted the way they should. There were no unnecessary main characters to steal the spotlight in every single episode, and no retarded pairings (unless you count Breezy or Sonique, but that was only in two episodes). While I can't quite pick a favorite episode, my favorite moments of the show are when Tails calls Robotnik "Eggman" in the episode Lifestyle of the Sick and Twisted, and a much more obscure refference to a particular 30's cartoon:

    Watch the first link, then skip to about 07:43 in the second link. It ends at about 08:12. I was really shocked when I realized this. Guess I'm not the only one who realized how awesome that whole sequence was... :v:
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    While I can't name a favourite episode off hand, this was a mainstay of my childhood, and still my favourite Sonic cartoon.

    Also, I find it tremendously amusing that Long John Baldry had a song called "Setting Fire To The Tail of a Fox" during his music career. Isn't that just perfect?
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    Oh man, its been SO long since I've seen AoStH... I think I liked the episode where Robotnik had set 5 bombs all throughout the world and Sonic had to go get them all before they blew.
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    I like the one with the Dr. Seuss references.

    That was one cool thing about the series. Retro cartoon references.

    I never saw those cartoons way back when though. Without understanding of the specific references, all you're left with is a bunch of dull jokes and a few vague references to the Sonic games and an art style that doesn't always look very appealing. By comparison, there was the much more sophisticated WB series like Animaniacs.

    I like it much more than I did now, though, having a better sense of what's inspiring the series now than I did then. (Loved the 50s Felix cartoons, though. Just sayin')
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