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About Jet Set Radio's Sountrack

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by Ross-Irving, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. Ross-Irving


    Okey-dokey. I've only heard like little bits and pieces from different songs before, but tonight I finally listened the OST of Jet Set Radio, from beginning to end. It's not half bad, to be honest. I have to admit, it's pretty solid. Like, steel wall solid. While most of the songs are not in my taste, the consistency in quality is a constant high, whereas other OSTs I would initially favor over JSR only have two or three songs that I like. I like seven songs from JSR. I couldn't find one song that was so abysmal that I had to stop listening to it. There were maybe one or two songs that felt a little overindulgent in their sampling though, particularly "Rock It On" and "That's Enough". "Sneakman" was the first song where my ears perked up a little, and "Funky Radio" actually made me feel a little good on the inside. Oh, and a plus here—I was concerned that there would be plenty of songs with chipmunk vocals due to Naganuma being composer. Thank the stars only one song really has these throughout, "Let Mom Sleep".

    All in all, I'm impressed. I've heard that a lot of regulars love JSR's soundtrack, but I wanted to know about why that is in more detail.
  2. Kurosan


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    One of the best game soundtracks of all time, in my opinion. The second game has some pretty good songs too, but apart from a few of them, they're not all as memorable as most of the original game's songs.
  3. DigitalDuck


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    Seconded. I included this on my list of favourite OSTs in that other thread, because it's just so consistently great.
  4. Fantastic OST. I didn't name my account after that game for nothing.
  5. Drex


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    I actually had the ost in my iPod for a while. For me it was truly a breath of fresh air for me. I had never heard anything like at the time and every track was top notch. The songs had such a variety of style yet they all meshed together so well on a single sountrack.

    As for the JSRF ost I felt it came short of the original, but still had plenty of great original tracks. I recall "Hello Allison(?)" "I Love Love You" and for some reason "Birthday Cake" being particularly catchy and memorable.
  6. GHNeko


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    I'm a Fanboy of Hideki naganuma.

    I have every possible OST/Track related to him and I love his work so much.

    Even though I liked him for Jet Set/Jet Grind, it was Rush that got me hooked on his music.

    I wish he'd make more...