A Sonic online RPG?!?!

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by AndyAML, Jun 14, 2005.

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  1. AndyAML


    RUMOR #4: A Sonic the Hedgehog online role-playing game is in the works.

    Source: The Web site for Panovation Studios.

    The official story: "While we wish we had the time to come up with such interesting and innovative ideas, Sega cannot confirm the development of any MMORPG relating to the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise."--Sega spokesperson.

    What we heard: This week, the ever-vigilant and still-rabid Sega fan base spotted the Pannovation site, which seemed to indicate a Sonic online role-playing game is in the works. At first, the evidence was sketchy, merely being the inclusion of such words as "sonic," "hedgehog," "sonic mmorpg," and "blue hedgehog network" in the page's metatags. Instantly, Dreamcast-era rumors of a Sonic MMORPG were resurrected, even though sources close to Sega attributed them to "folks with too much free time on their hands." But that all changed later in the week, when a message appeared on the Pannovation site saying the rumors were true. "You should expect a launch of the Sonic ORPG possibly near the end of this year as a beta," read the message, which is signed by Pannovation "Head Founder" Mark Grieg. In an interview on the official Sega forums, Greig lays out his plan for the as-yet-unnamed RPG. "The storyline isn't focused on the Sonic Adventure series," he said, although he promised "all of the game stays true to how Sonic used to be...to know more about the story you will have to wait and see." The Pannovation site now also links to a teaser page for the company's new Web site, which clearly says "Sonic ORPG announced!" In exchange for being up front, Grieg asked one thing of visitors to his site: "Please stop e-mailing Sega about this project."

    Bogus or not bogus?: Not bogus. That or someone is going to get their pants sued off.

    Source: http://www.gamespot.com/news/2005/06/10/news_6127362.html

    Very interesting...
  2. Sonic 65

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    YAY PAPER SONIC!!!!!1111

    This should be spiffy, unless Sega messes up again like they did with Heroes. I played 1 level of that game and I practically threw up.
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    Oh don't make me cast a level15 spindash on your ass! :cool:
  4. Sky Shark

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    Sonic 1 Rehash - I'm not saying its canned, I'm planning on some work on it this summer.
  5. Guess Who

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    It's a miracle! Oldbie
    EDIT: Delete this post, they changed the website.
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