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A lost Sonic game I remember.

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Laura, Jan 2, 2014.

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    Beats me.
    That sounds like you're just remembering the 2 Player mode, that's the most logical way I can think of going from Emerald Hill to Mystic Cave. My only "misremembered memory" was when I was a kid, I had heard about "Super Sonic" so naturally I thought it was Sonic with a cape... I never really thought about it too long as I never owned any of the games officially till I got the Gamecube Mega Collection (actually no, that's a lie, I had Sonic 3 for PC as well as Sonic CD). Though by then I had played all the games on emulators and I never really thought about the Super Sonic thing again, so now a Yellow Sonic that's like a Super Sayain is just normal looking to me I guess.
  2. I know my mind didn't play tricks on this one, but I have no idea how am I able to redo it. I know it happened once and couldn't do it again.

    I was around 12-13 and I know I loved to mess around in Sonic games and try to "glitch" it. I was Super Sonic and I know I sometimes got stuck inside the pipe in AI2 before the ship bombing and went back. Then jumped around to see how the background changed. Then I went to the boss battle and fooled around. I dunno why but I made Sonic to duck and put a small chair on the down button so super Sonic was always ducking.

    Then I went to make myself a sandwich and when I came back, the screen has scrolled further down and it wasn't "locked". I remember I jumped off the platform and graphics started to disappear and then appeared red and finally black graphics and I died. Was a llooong falling.

    Love reading what others write here :). Interesting to read what people thought at young age and what they remember.
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    My weird Sonic childhood memory is of Sonic 2's final boss. Me and my father couldnt for the life of us to hit Robotnik in the front. Multiple times we got to the final boss with 50+ lives collected at Wing Fortress.
    So, instead we were hitting him on the butt. I still play that way 20 years later.
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    I once had a dream when I was about 5, that I got Sonic 2 from a video game store I'd never been to, and got home, and the title screen was more like S2 Beta's (My guess is due to the manual print in memory which I looked at a lot), only the background was like a desert area, and sonic had a cowboy hat on. :v:

    When I was about 18, I seen a shop that resembled the one in the dream. Never went in. =P
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    When I was five I remember going to BJs wholesale one day and I saw these kids turning Sonic into different objects abd being able to move anywhere on the screen. I was in awe and for years I wondered how they were able to do that! In 1998 I thought I blew all there was to all the cheat codes, but I always avoided the "debug" mode. Up until then I thought that it meant that you could play through the game with no badnicks. I though debug referred to them since many of them resemble insects, thus assuming debug meaning taking the bugs out. Silly me. I found out with Sonic 2 one day in 1998 when I was bored. So I guess printed cheat guides were out for Sonic 1 way back in 1991/1992? I was shocked because I would always play it on Service Merchandise (RIP) too and never knew what was possible with the game.

    I miss cheat codes and the ability to do abnormal shit with games. Games today lock you the hell out unless you are running on a special emulator.
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    my nigga

    I figured out the entire process of getting the hero's bell by myself with no guides. Do you realize how obtuse that shit is??

    EDIT: And most people in this topic are describing memory bias, which is a fairly well documented and near-universal phenomenon. In short, our memories from when we were young are not to be trusted. We all have false memories.
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    Yes. Did it myself without a guide, by which point I'd already committed to memory the route through Labyrinth of No End so I went for the ruby instead. Oh god, that game. Brilliantly flawed. I think I may have to whip through it again soon.
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    The ruby is always the better option, but I remember mapping out the dragon's castle on graph paper as a kid with the hero's bell. Even if you know the layout of the castle, that bit with the 2 or 3 screens-tall floating stair case platforms is so fucking difficult. Also, I have never, ever beaten the game. And I still regularly try. Occasionally, I can get the Meka-dragon down to a red life icon, but I can never land the killing blow.

    I honestly have no idea how I figured out some of the steps to getting the ruby/bell. Like knocking on the locked door underwater. I must have just exhausted every fucking option in that game over the years. I remember when my sister actually discovered that, if you upgrade your boots prior to finishing round 2, you can nab another 20-or-so gold on this far off cloud to the left of the screen that wasn't very obvious. I love that game so much, it's packed with secrets.

    Incidentally, I only discovered the solution to the sphynx's riddle a few years ago when I was dicking around in the pyramid. The letter to betty always confused me prior. I used to simply get passed that boss by actually whittling his life down, which was so frustrating and hard to do. The times when I'd guess the correct answer always put me in a good mood.
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    Also, if we're talking lost sonic games, I remember playing this Sonic game made in q-basic way back in the day. Had to have been around 1996, maybe 1997. Before I joined the sonic scene, in any case. Graphics looked similar to the 8-bit games. It was 4 or so stages long, and played absolutely nothing like the real sonic games. But, for a q-basic game at that time, it was terrific and I really liked it. Never been able to find it again. I actually learned a lot by going through its source code. I wonder if I still have it somewhere in all the piles of floppies I have in storage.

    EDIT: And to clarify, no, it wasn't a port of Sonyc from the MSX.

    EDIT AGAIN: Oh shit, this is it!!

    man, nostalgia rush...
  10. Tanks


    Weirdest childhood related memory including Sonic? I remember wanting to get a Knuckles game for the Sega Saturn. I know it was Knuckles only because he was prominently featured on the box... I swear it was Sega Saturn and not 32x (making it NOT Knuckles Chaotix, which I'm almost certain it wasn't...) I remember pulling it from the Sega Saturn shelf in a ploy to get my mom to buy me the system as well. Anyway, only explanation I can think of is that it was either a mis-remembrance of some Sonic Xtreme related thing or just Sonic R. I dunno. I've long since stopped caring.
  11. Vangar


    Nope, but here is a list of games that use it:
  12. Graxer


    I had the same memories as you a few years back. I spent ages looking for it, but even though I knew it was called "SpinBall" I couldn't find it anywhere! I asked if anyone here knew where I could find it and when someone game me a link to download it I added it to the wiki so it wouldn't get lost in history. Some of the stuff written on there I only discovered myself by reading through the code! I had hours of fun playing it on my best friend's laptop when I went camping as a kid!
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    Does anyone remember the ride at Chessington in the UK that had a Sonic game playing on a screen by a huge model of him? I couldn't recognize it at the time and it definitely didn't seem like a game I had played - may have been CD, as I didn't get that until later. :v:

    EDIT: Think it was actually the Toyland ride at Alton Towers, now that I think about it...

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    That's similar to a memory I had of visiting a house, whose kids I weren't friends with, rather their mom was the chair to an organization that my mum needed an interview from. She was a newspaper reporter at the time.

    It was a Genesis game with a purple and green level that looked largely like Sonic, basically, Mystic Cave Zone with Minecarts. Of course, I know it's not the case now, but maybe we're thinking of a different game. If so, I'd like to find it.

    I also had, in my possession, a bootleg Pocket Monsters Silver cart that a friend gave me. His dad got it in Arabia [where, don't ask me] and sent it home to him. It was mostly normal, but the faked translation to English was... special. I think one of the New Bark Town people said "WE ARE ALL HAPPY PEOPLE."

    I wish I knew what happened to that cart, or if anyone had something like it. No, it wasn't the Vietnamese Pokemon Silver cart. Different English translation, no elves, just everyone sounded like they were drugged/stoned.

    PM me if you want to talk theories sometime. Some of it might just be distorted memories, but it gives my easily bored mind something to think about. [​IMG]

    Also, the MK movie thing may or may not be true. After all, things like TV weren't as easily tracked at the time, so if it played on an affiliated network rather than a satellite or cable one... but it could just be, as easily, another movie with enough similarities to MK to be mistaken for Annihilation. After all, filming and editing takes a while. [​IMG]

    Also, I love that QBasic fangame. It's all so oldschool and DOS looking. I was as much a DOS/PC gamer at the time as I was a console one. Spent a lot of hours playing Jetpack and Jill of the Jungle, Pickle Wars, and it fits right in with those. :)