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A larger 32X SDK

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by Andlabs, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. Andlabs


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    So here's the 32X DDK that that rotating Sonic model came out of. Chilly Willy sent this file to me after telling me about the model source code, so many thanks to him.

    32X-DDK.7z 164MB
    MD5 sum: 1cf04ac57eab765e78bcba26967aa0df

    As you can see, according to the file size, it's been unsuitable for normal download until recently and so has been locked inside various torrents. I'm here to be the first to provide a reliable HTTP mirror of this thing.

    Here's a directory listing. Of note:

    • ARCHIVES\NOV01_94.DTS\32X contains the original 32X SDK from Hacking CulT with a few extra files.
    • Several folders contain evolutions of the entire development toolchain, including the gcc they used.
    • ARCHIVES\MAR01_95.DTS\SATURN, ARCHIVES\NOV01_94.DTS\SATURN, and SEGADTS\SATURN contain a miniature Saturn SDK, including stuff that the 32X and Saturn DON'T share (like CD drives — Sega CD is accessed through a separate address space)
    • sega\ contains the Genesis/Sega CD/Sega 32X manuals as we have seen them — HTML files linking to GIFs.
    • SEGADTS\32X/DEMO\RUNLNGTH contains the rotating Sonic model.
    • SEGADTS\MANUALS.DTS\HITACHI contains official SH-2 documentation from Hitachi.
    • SEGADTS\MANUALS\SGL and SGL_1.0 contain the "Sega Graphics Library," which is supposedly what Saturn developers used for graphics.

    Enjoy, and once again, much thanks to Chilly Willy for this.
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    Definitely downloading. If my assumption is correct this will have TONS of sample code I could make use of. Hopefully it will also have some win32 versions of asmz80 and the such. (Off-topic: snasm68k and asm68k DOS work on windows 7 O_o but not XP) <_<
  3. Chilly Willy

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    I use zasm from here to assemble Z80 code. It should compile with mingw or cygwin for Windows users.

    For up to date toolchains, I roll my own from gcc for the 68000 and SH2 (in linux). Zasm also just compiles straight in linux. :)

    If you have an older computer lying around, throw the latest Xubuntu on it and use it as a dev system. It's easier to do Genesis/32X programming from linux than Windows. I regularly post archives of my 32 bit Xubuntu toolchain so people can compile my SEGA stuff.