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A good, 3D game development Engine?

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by Ice God, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. Ice God

    Ice God

    Earthbound Fanboy Banned
    Yeah,lately, I've actually started playing around in Multimedia Fusion 2. It's easy to use, real easy, and fairly powerful if you think outside the box, but the big flaw..

    It has no support for 3D object whatsoever.

    Anyone know of an engine that supports 3D models in a 2.5D world, that's good for a platforming DDB-like game, that's somewhat easy to use? I, unfortuanetly, am not a programmer, and don't know one who's that experienced, so I can't make one myself. I and able to learn scripting and everything if neccissary, so lon as there are tutorials, or it's just simple as it is.
  2. RamiroR


    I used it too, it's very easy to do things, it's very simple to put a "bounce" behavior in a object, I think it is amazing but I don't like it because it's to easy and if it is too easy... I just don't like it:P

    Sorry but I don't have an answer for that, I'm looking for that too.
    You may need learn C++. (I think so)
  3. Ice God

    Ice God

    Earthbound Fanboy Banned
    I'd be willing to learn any programming language I need to be able make a half-decent 3D game, but there are a few problems I have to seem to never cease to hinder me.
    1: This requires years of college, which I missed my first chance to get into due to a bad decision on my part. Now I can see it being at least 2 years.
    2: I need to learn every other language and it's mom apparently.
    3: I don't beleive there's any way to get started online.
    4: I always need someone else there to assist me with the math (I suppose windows calculator would do for this.)

    I guess I'll just be a faggot and make this in MMF2... Though I don't know how the Moo plugin works, I want IP-IP multiplayer...
  4. Shibunoa


    When it comes to learning a programming language, all it takes is time, patience and practice.
    I learnt C on my own and I also know how assembly works (when it comes to real asm, I only barely know MIPS assembly and nothing else, though).
    Read how assembly works before even trying to touch C, otherwise things like pointers will look like meaningless garbage to you.
    As for 3D games, sorry, but I've never ever tried to do one, so I couldn't tell you anything.