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A Crappy Sonic 2 Beta Hack Of Mine...

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Mystical Ninja, Jul 30, 2003.

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  1. Kama


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    level hacks are a pain in the ass to make. I tried making a remake of act 1 of Green Hill Zone from Sonic 1 with Emerald Hills layout and I realized it`s extremely hard.
  2. Timecrash


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    Nice pallets! I know I sound like a newbie, but how do I use hacks, and can I still play the original game?
  3. SGR


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    No once you make a hack you can't play the original game,what I do is make a copy of the original and then do whatever I want with it.Oh yea Mystical Ninja, that background pallette looks like the one used for GCZ in S2D.Is it a pallette from any of the levels or is it hidden or custom?
  4. PC2


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    Yeah, you have to make copies first if you want to have an "anytime" game of the original to play. ;) B)
  5. Mystical Ninja

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    Well, I'm just bumping this topic to tell you that I'm finally releasing the hack. It's now up for download.

    Well, it does look like the palette from Sonic 2 Delta, but I didn't copy it from that. I just made it blue, because that's the color I wanted to use.
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