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2 Unused videos found in SMC

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by GHFan, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. GHFan


    Apparently this video was found in the files of Sonic Mega Collection for the GC.
    (Warning: Ear Rape)
    It's labeled as smpinter.sfd in the files.

    Also found was this:
    Labeled as loopbgv.sfd

    I'm going to assume that the first one was put there as padding, or as a joke, or (most likely) to test the video player.

    The second one, though, if the title is to be believed, once functioned as a background video.

  2. 87th


    FOX HOUNDER Member
    I'm guessing the first was to help demonstrate real life trams to gamers from countries without them who might have been confused by their appearance in Sonic Adventure 2.
  3. TomoAlien


    Neat, more unused videos, one of them making even less sense than the JRPG thingy discovered before and another one bing pretty much a background animation.
    I must say that the BG animation is pretty cool though. I really don't understand the train video, but now I know what the Tourettes Guy's dad job is :P.
  4. Some Dude's Hand

    Some Dude's Hand

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    Empire City
    Getting my ideas off the paper and into the computer.

    Anywho, interesting findings. (NONSENSE AHEAD)

    I'll give 10 fictional dollars to anybody who would replace the intro (right after the title screen) with a looping video of a dog dragging his butt across a room's carpet in time-lapse. :rolleyes:

  5. Zycor


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    Beats me.
    Maybe a little warning on the first video containing ear rape... ouch especially with headphones.
  6. Elratauru


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    Arrrrghhhh my ears... Interesting find though, lol at the trains. And the water background thing, that may even be part of an animated texture somewhere, who knows.
  7. That One Jig

    That One Jig

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    Nice findings. For some reason the first video really screams "depth perception test" to me (that is, when it isn't trying to wreck my ears). Maybe it would help with Sonic crashing through the Sega logo in Sonic 3, you know, so he's really in your face! No better way to give a hedgehog attitude than to get all little kids playing the game to soil themselves and freak out, thinking, "That thing's gonna get me!" Kinda like Jaws 3D. [sub]Except Sonic is good[/sub]

    The old man's the best part, though. Especially that ponytail he's rocking. I'd have welcomed the second video as a looping background in the final game. It's quite soothing.

    I just don't understand why the people responsible for putting these videos in the game left them in up to release. It'll always be a mystery to me, even if the answer's obvious.
  8. ICEknight


    Researcher Researcher
    I.. eh... What?

    The only connection with Sonic that I can see in any of these unused videos from Mega and Gems is the San Francisco tram in smpinter.sfv, which was a kind-of-memorable obstacle in City Escape, and was again included in Sonic Generations.

    I guess there could be some story behind somebody at Sonic Team taking that video during their pre-SA2 trip and everybody falling in love with it, but until we get official confirmation of such a thing, find any indications of the video actually being supposed to be accessed at some point, or somebody finds the same video in a non-Sonic related disc, all the fan fiction we can come up with is going to lead us nowhere. =\