1995 Sonic Play-A-Sound book

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  1. Sofox


    Hey, I posted details of this in another Sonic message board, but I thought you guys would be interested too.


    Essentially, it's a Play-a-Sound book, you read the illustrated story, and press the buttons to accompany your reading with various sounds. The story's kinda interesting and fun, one thing is that it takes aspects from the games, and both Sonic cartoons that were out at the time, to make a story about Sonic being in a race to get something that looks strangely like a Bitcoin.

    I've more photos of the book's pages here:

    And I also recorded some the sounds (after getting new batteries):

    Thought you guys would like it.
  2. Mercury


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    Oh boy, I've had this thing forever. I remember getting it as a present as a kid when we were moving house, so that I'd have something to keep me occupied and out of everyone's hair during the tumult of the move. (I'm not sure it worked...)

    My batteries have long since died, though, so thanks for posting this! Hearing those sounds again after so many years is hilarious and pretty great. :)
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    I remember my cousin and I getting that same exact same book back in Christmas of 1995.

    Man, that was such a long time ago...
  4. Thanks for posting this! I love the mashup of everything; they should have tossed in Mighty and Ray and some designs from Sonic the Comic for good measure.
  5. Mecha Sally

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    Oh shit, I remember having this book, but had forgotten all about it until I saw this topic. I remember being fascinated by the fact that there was something out there that had the SatAM characters in it but also had zones from the games in there too. I wonder if it's still laying around somewhere in my parents' basement.

    I always found the sound clip the Sally button made odd; what was with the crashing/gunshot noise at the end? o_O
  6. Yuski


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    Funny thing, when I was cleaning my room on Thursday, found this book. Got it in a bargain shop, 5 years ago for R$2,50 (about US 1.10 XD)