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May 6, 2007
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    My GOD, this sig was out of date. *updates*

    <table width = "100%"><tr><td valign = "top" width = "30%">Websites To Visit:
    Soup or Sonic
    Sonic World
    The D-PAD Network
    My LiveJournal</td><td valign = "top" width = "70%">Random Quotes:
    <marquee direction = "up" scrollamount = "1" height = "150">DUBYA: how old is your child, Carl?
    CARL: Fourteen years old.
    DUBYA: Yes, 14. Well, if she were --
    CARL: He, sir.
    DUBYA: He, excuse me. I should have done the background check. She will -- when she gets ready to -- when she's 50, the system will be broke, if my math is correct.

    "Microsoft announced today that XBox 2 will indeed ship with a banana signed by Bill Gates. When asked for the relevance of the extra bonus, Mr. Gates responded with "I LIeK m4h 64n4n4's to move it move it." Microsoft's corporate headquarters refused to comment on the subject, saying 'We do not comment on people with more money than us.'"

    JakeTcheetah: bah screw this drawing stuff *play's guitar*
    DiegoTehMexican: Heh
    JakeTcheetah: *play's the mexican hat dance*
    DiegoTehMexican: *dances*
    JakeTcheetah: aribah =P
    DiegoTehMexican: *trips and crushes hat*
    DiegoTehMexican: ;______;
    JakeTcheetah: aw ;_;
    JakeTcheetah: you messed up my hat
    DiegoTehMexican: Lo siento
    JakeTcheetah: .. yeh XD
    DiegoTehMexican: I'll get you a new one.
    JakeTcheetah: huzzah
    DiegoTehMexican: *whips out Red Hat Linux*
    DiegoTehMexican: Wait, that's not right...

    Nintendo DS Control > Nintendo Revolution Control Rumors (and that's saying something

    "Border relations between Canada and Mexico have never been better." - Dubya. Love him, or face the Wrath of Condy!

    Kids Say the Darndest Things
    On Zelda: "If you get the Tri-Force, you get the girl."
    On the 1983 Star Wars Arcade: "It looks like [the TIE fighters] are made out of little sticks. If they made a game like this now, someone would definitely get fired."
    On GTA 1: "(after some frustration with the controls) I don't think I will do very well on my driver's license test."
    On Galaga: "Oh, is this that game where the spaceship moves left and right and shoots up? Oh, good. I used to play this. It was a demo for Tekken on PlayStation 1."

    [19:07] chanseyqaz: Wetflame Wanged her eyebrow. "No, my cat is just a cat. She had a splinter in her paw. That is why she is at the vet."
    [19:07] chanseyqaz: Saxman grew angry and ordered his Wang pony to stomp on Wetflame's CLOCK. "DO NOT DISAGREE WITH ME!!!!!!! GEORGE W BUSH POWERS, ACTIVATE!"
    [19:08] chanseyqaz: Saxman then turned into PRESIDENTAL CANIDATE SAXMAN. He had a large golden saxaphone in one hand, and a razor blade in the other. He beat Wetflame with his saxaphone while he shaved his family jewels.
    [19:12] chanseyqaz: Saxman roared in AMAZING ANGER as he hopped onto Dust Hill Guy's pretty pink tricycle, and rode into the sunset.
    [01:17:48 PM] ChanseyQaz: Wetflame was very upset. She jumped up and took out her speciality Donkey Punching boxing gloves. She pulled out a maxi-pad with wings, ripped the wings off, and put them on her back. She flew after saxman in anger!!!
    [01:20:19 PM] ChanseyQaz: But LocalH tackled Wetflame in midflight. "WHO GOES THERE!?" LocalH screamed, then ate a burrito. Wetflame then opened her jaw muscles wide and swallowed LocalH whole.
    [01:22:39 PM] ChanseyQaz: Wetflame was stuffed. She was so fat she rolled down a hill into a fountain full of semen. Out of the semen fountain arose Sonique.
    [01:24:02 PM] ChanseyQaz: "FLFLLFLFLFFLFLLFLFLFLFLFLFL!?" Sonique questioned Wetflame. Wetflame replied "Ok" and then exploded into three thousand pieces. Sonique took the Wetflame pieces and put them into a jar labeled "Sonic 2 ROMS" and threw it into the air
    [01:25:05 PM] ChanseyQaz: The jar flew throughout the sky, then landed on saxman's head. "Ow! That was my head!" saxman shouted, then melted liked butter. His ooze went down a nearby drain.
    [01:25:17 PM] ChanseyQaz: And that, my friends, is how rats got into the sewers.
    [01:28:14 PM] ChanseyQaz: I am an amazing storyteller.</marquee></td></tr></table>