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  1. Rahul Dubey
  2. GreatMasterFrank
    I like genesis sonic games like everyone else in this page.
  3. Rahul Dubey
  4. Rahul Dubey
  5. Rahul Dubey
  6. Rahul Dubey
  7. saleh
    hi everyone i was doing some stuff and i don't know what to do i need help guys i need to be a gold member
  8. Rahul Dubey
  9. Diesel100
    Diesel100 TDRR
    Hey is the blaze for Sonic 1 available for Android because I can't seem to download it
  10. Arturcobain
    Arturcobain Clownacy
    continuing ....
    and the third big problem is the retroarch xp auto download is downloading totally uncompatiliby version with XP of genesis plus gx 1.7.4 gave me black screen on all games
    so i search on internet a alternate build here is

    please share on forums since i can not post there

    and if you can create mirror links please
  11. Arturcobain
    Arturcobain Clownacy
    finally that´s worked with chaotix music on genesis plus gx 1.7.4 under retroarch xp
    the problem was my retroarch was not sega cd bios ... so that was rrunning like genesis game only

    and the second problem that hack can not runs on sega cd mode using zip file just unzip folder only
  12. isaiah
  13. Rahul Dubey
  14. Rahul Dubey
  15. Rahul Dubey
  16. Rahul Dubey
  17. Rahul Dubey
  18. Albertwastaken
  19. Diesel100
    Hi I am diesel. Big Sonic fan.
  20. bestescortspune
    Getting bore want to see you on my bed