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Topics I've Started

  1. Sonic Chronicles Hacking

    10 June 2010 - 02:44 AM

    Hello, everyone. I'm been messing around with Sonic Chronicles a little, and I've found out how to mess with text and videos. I wrote up a little page about it, which you can find here. I have a little demo there, too. If anyone wants me to list the files, I'll type up a list and post it here. (The listing is on the site now.) If anyone can find out how to modify the fonts, NeKit would definitely appreciate it.

    The overlay folder seems to be made just for dslazy's sake, since it's empty. Later I'm going to compare the US, JP, and EU versions. And by later, I mean when I actually wake up (it's 4AM here).

    Messed around the the EU version (no internals digging yet, though), meh. The JP version, though, has extra sound effects (I heard them in the US version. Could have sworn I had never heard them before...). But I translated the entire thing into English. That's right. It was a highly complex process, but I am now playing the Japanese game almost completely in English.

    Is anyone interested in playing the Japanese version in english? If so, should I also have the US .vx (movie) files, or just leave the movies in Japanese in case there's any differences?

    Does anyone know of any differences, by the way, between the EU, US, and JP versions? And is possible to play the game in German, Spanish, Italian, and French without hacking? If not, I'll have to release patches.

    By the way, is there any better patch format for this? I doubt SEGA will be up in arms about 100MB patches floating around containing 99% of the data in the game (though still unplayable without it), but this is BioWare's baby; I have no clue about BioWare's stance on hacks. Also, I doubt you guys like downloading 1100MB files with only a small amount of text changed.

    From my test hack:

    JP version (with English patch):

    US vs JP English comparison:

    I'm tried placing the US test_e.herf in the JP version, and I found that the title screen was gone and that the game wouldn't do anything (and would sometimes crash) after the "Hostile Reception" screen. However, the font changed into the US font. So, that means we're going to have to find out how to open the .href file.

    I looked in test_e.href with a hex editor, and couldn't figure a thing out. I looked inside test.href, and found a reference to A2C10_SonicEnterChamber.gff. I searched Google for "gff", and found a file format specification. Better, it mentions it's the "BioWare Generic File Format". The problem, though, is that by it's very design, it's hard to guess what could be in the files. Essentially, they're fancy .ini files. Being a CnC fan, I know a lot about .ini files. That, sadly, is irrelevant, since we need to actually find one of the .gff files (and not just a reference to one.)

    I have managed to open the 2da files with a tool called TlkEditR13b. This last image is pretty much the same for all the other .2da files. Apparently .2da files control what palettes are used.

    This is what we know about test.herf right now (research done by softman and translated by NeKit):
    - First 100 kb is header,
    - Begininng from offset 12 (0xC) dword's blocks are repeated:
    —dword size; //filesize
    —dword offset: //offset
    —dword unknown; //leads to unknown repeating blocks. Maybe links to names are somewhere there.

    So, anyone interested? Anyone? Bueller?

    I've edited this about 75 times, and you guys haven't posted once...
  2. E02 Help

    13 October 2009 - 05:07 PM

    Sorry this isn't ROM Hacking related, but the only places I've seen E02 talked about is here and Project: Retro Sonic.

    I can't get my new object (Chaos Emerald) to work. It crashes when I scroll to it in GHZ's debug mode.

    [Files removed -- No longer needed.]

    I can't for the life of me figure out what's wrong...

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S. If you're wondering what happened to the first part of my post, it's because I fixed the double jump. Be sure to get your Chrs and Consts straight. @[email protected] I'm going to have to make a GUI for this.

    Protip: Chr is at least any user-defined variable. I know it's more, but I started this a day or two ago, so I don't want to screw up anyone else. Const is any constant, including numbers. I felt stupid when I realized that. There was a disconnect between constants in programming and constants in math.

    P.P.S. If anyone else has any questions, feel free to ask.
  3. (SPOILERS) Your Favorite and Least Favorite Plots/Plot Ideas

    04 October 2009 - 03:23 AM

    Just wondering; what's everyone's favorite/least favorite plots/plot ideas? Mine's probably Knuckles Chapter in Sonic Battle, mainly for how Emerl learns from Knuckles (and the part at the end where Knuckles tells him not to tell Sonic about how Robotnik tricked him and Emerl then does just that). My second favorite would be Emerl's chapter. It was my least favorite until I figured out you have to click the Death Egg to get there (I thought at one point I had to keep beating everyone until the Altar teleported me to Death Egg). My least favorite is probably Sonic R's plot (it's mere existance raises more questions than it actually answers).

    P.S. No flame wars please.
  4. Modifying Sonic and Gens to end after an Act is complete.

    04 October 2009 - 01:49 AM

    I was wondering weather to put this in technical discussion or here. Move this if you need to (though please PM me so I'm not confused).

    Basically, what I wanted to do was have an RPG, but rather than having standard RPG battles, you complete an Act. I suppose it wouldn't be too difficult to start Sonic 1 ingame, and to reorder the level progression so that the first Act listed in the list is the one started (I have 149 Gigabytes on my external harddrive. 20 or so different ROMs is of no concern to me ;D). However, I wanted to know if it was possible to have Gens write 0 or 1 to a file (let's say Results.txt) and exit when you lose all your lives (0) or beat the Act (1). I was thinking about changing 2 invalid opcodes to write 0/1 and exit. Then I'd call those opcodes in the DisASM when needed.

    3 things:
    1.) What is Gens compiled in? I couldn't get it to compile in Visual Studio 2005. Would Visual Studio 6 work?
    2.) Where is Gens are the opcodes (and, if it's not immedeatly obvious, how wouls I add 2 new ones?)
    3.) How would I call a raw opcode in the Sonic 1 DisASM? I'm using the SVN build. What's the format? I hope they aren't completely inaccessible.