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  1. In Topic: A neat little Genesis Devkit I saw

    26 August 2015 - 01:30 PM

    I would suggest from personal experience, to use assembly when working with things that are generally complex and also for 68k. Unless your C->ASM->machine code compiler can actually do optimization and drop instructions you'd generally use for safety, etc, then it is always going to be slower than well written assembly program, and sometimes even few cycles can be critical (especially over code that loops a lot of time). Now as Markey suggested one added bonus with C compiler however, is that once you learn its quirks its likely easier and quicker to write lots of code and you can use preprocessing and whatnot easier. However not many people know even just ASM68K (the most common assembler for 68k Sonic hackers around here use) is actually quite powerful in itself, as well as AS (yet another assembler), but I don't know so much about it.

    To sum my thoughts up: If you care for the quality of the code over quantity of it, definitely go with ASM. Else you can probably get on well enough with C.
  2. In Topic: Some changes and fixes for Sonic 2

    14 August 2015 - 10:24 AM

    well I should have used other phrase I guess, I more meant "as a result". Either way this fixes lots of nasty clips you could do in my hack too, one of which skips a boss even, so its really nice to have it. Not to mention how easy it was just to stand against a wall and let the chandelier drop on you making these cuts really easy as long as your had a ring to spare. Of course the issue is cycles, the collision was made to be simple to not waste time, and as a result there are some particular issues like this. Luckily its a lot harder to notice too, so its not a big issue per se. Of course with enough speed you can practically break any collision on the game, but its not like its a problem with normal gameplay. Either way thanks for the fix!
  3. In Topic: Some changes and fixes for Sonic 2

    13 August 2015 - 09:17 PM

    Coincidentally this also fixes those nasty collision clip issues on Sonic1/2 (really notably MZ chandeliers, though the edges have some quirkyness still). Awesome and simple fix!
  4. In Topic: Sonic Megamix

    23 July 2015 - 03:47 AM

    View PostStealth, on 22 July 2015 - 05:20 PM, said:

    This part, in particular, was a bit rude to add to my thread, given that I (or anybody else currently in Team Megamix) never said that it was the best thing ever, isn't it? :P

    I never intended to be rude exactly nor blame it on you or your team, but rather poke at the people who overhype particular works done by particular people when its not necessarily warranted.

    View PostKingofHarts, on 22 July 2015 - 07:25 PM, said:

    Clearly you missed the point I was making. My point was that at the time of the last official release, Megamix DID set the bar high... and YES... plenty of hacks DO surpass it, however it still does serve as a standard bearer as to what constitutes a great hack so yea I really don't see where you think I misspoke. Many MANY subpar hacks fail to meet Megamix's quality. Those that do... range from pretty damn good to great. Sounds like a standard to me.

    You sounded as if you were suggesting Megamix is more or less officially the "bar" people try and fail to reach even nowaday, but in case that was not what you meant, then I apologize for the confusion. However considering how you said your comment here, you seem to suggest that just any hack can be "the bar", as many hacks fail to meet the quality of hacks like Sonic Green Snake, LSD is bad or whatever, does that mean this now means they are also some part of "bar" or "standard" or something? Just curious considering how you worded your comment.

    View PostMarkeyJester, on 22 July 2015 - 08:36 PM, said:

    Megamix has passed it's own bar since too, but of course, you wouldn't know that given Megamix has not had a proper release since. The thing is, the bar can only be set by released content, most other hacks have been released post, therefore, they have set a higher bar (that's logic, expected, and common sense really), Megamix "did" set the bar, and it will set a higher bar when it is released. In my opinion, it already surpasses the current bar set by other hacks in its private state even now, and a lot of hacks being released at the current time don't really live up to what we have in store already, nevermind what we'll have in the future.

    Well, like any sensible person, I don't consider the leaked version as a release, but what it is; leaked, and I know by now it is probably 2 or 3 years old so a lot of progress could have been done while that, and in fact that is one of the reasons I say the bar of MegaMix has been surpassed, as I don't consider what has been done on the leaked version. And I am sure MegaMix would set the bar once again, but sooner or later something else comes along that is even better, though given that less and less people are interested in hacking, which would unfortunately mean that less and less people even attempt to go for such ambitious hacks, which of course is a shame, and I'd wish people would collaborate more on projects to make them better and more possible! But that is going fairly well off-topic so I better stop while I am ahead

    And no, I don't want to start flamewars here exactly, so I hope I don't come off as if I was trying to
  5. In Topic: Sonic Megamix

    22 July 2015 - 04:06 AM

    View PostKingofHarts, on 19 July 2015 - 06:27 PM, said:

    Lest we forget, Megamix set the bar for what hacks today try to achieve. It WILL deliver. Stealth isn't a dummy...

    Not really, the bar on MegaMix 4.0 has been crossed many times since, and many people I hear say nowadays its more overrated than anything. But perhaps that will change when/if next release is out of the box!