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  1. In Topic: SoniPlane

    03 January 2015 - 07:16 AM

    Update beta 1.1
    (* = fixed bug, + = added feature, - = removed feature)

    + Windows have borders
    + Windows can be resized and moved
    + Windows can be minimized and maximized
    + cursor images can be customized
    + proper hotkeys for menu functions
    + when project is loaded the taskbar will blink until the app is focused.
    + save states added
    * commandline would not work properly
    * all tiles were not rendered properly
    * now all menu items are grayed out instead of hidden when not used
    * program reset is now CTRL+ESC
  2. In Topic: Random Hack/Mini Project Thread

    24 December 2014 - 07:13 PM

    Well you also realize how limited the Mega Drive, and especially its palette is, so its hard to make believable palette cycle without either hardcoding it, or making the game slow down a lot. Also the cycle is the original, with just palette swapped to account the day/night cycle. There has been some bug where it would reset once in a while, its due to the fader being imperfect, and not stopping when it should, although should only occur rarely from my testing.
  3. In Topic: Project HC

    19 December 2014 - 08:04 PM

    well I could be interested in programming, since more often than not I am not motivated to do much with other projects I have, but then again I am afraid I wont have full motivation for this either, as of lately I've had bunch of personal issues in my hands. Also I am not entirely sure as of how this works, from what I saw in your videos it is much of work for something that could be done easier, but I may consider writing a few tools to make it simpler to edit, and the scripting language seems to not be so great, especially since I've used to fanciness of IDEs as of late with some projects, but I can do my best at least if my life situation wont go much worse from now.
  4. In Topic: Random Hack/Mini Project Thread

    19 December 2014 - 08:47 AM

    The most amazing dynamic palette hax!!!

  5. In Topic: SoniPlane

    19 December 2014 - 08:02 AM

    Update beta 1.0.4
    (* = fixed bug, + = added feature, - = removed feature)

    + select multiple tiles
    + added new information to debug screen
    + moving parts of plane with mouse
    + new advanced manager for program parts
    + optimizations
    * not closing when opening a project too quickly
    * made sure SoniPlane not trying to launch when using incorrect directory
    * system information output now outputs Bytes, KiloBytes, MegaBytes and Terabytes depending on the size of each drive/memory unit
    - Menu entries for shifting plane position

    So, here is some update as to what I am doing: I am optimizing code, making code less hardcoded, making the program more intuitive, and fixing bugs. I am doing these to make the program more usable, and to prepare it for being added new features. I will spend probably next few weeks finishing the implementation for a new feature; separate windows for separate parts of the program. It would allow you to move, resize, minimize/maximise different things on the plane editor, such as the tile display and palette editor. This is implemented in favor or of creating clipboards for tiles, palettes, and plane mappings, or other necessary things. This is to easily and safely implement importing tiles, palette, and plane mappings or copying/cutting. This will be complex however, so it will be a lot of work, so far just only 10% of the feature has been implemented. Also, I will in the future need help testing the program for intuity or bugs, so if you wish to provide any help drop me a message.

    I also found out that whatever I do, if you try to use Open with -> Java on either SoniPlane.jar or Downloader.jar, it wont get the right directory for the program. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do, you must either create a script to launch the program (as explained in the opening post), or make Java the primary program to open .jar extentions with