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  1. In Topic: Fundamental Flaws of Classic Sonic (Mania Spoilers)

    20 August 2017 - 01:30 AM

    That boss clearly does not convey when it becomes intangible; its vulnerability conveyance could be significantly improved.

    The player can't determine the intangibility with Tails either.
    At the start of the fight, Tails could hit the boss bumper immediately after Sonic does, then later, Tails just passes through the boss for no reason while Sonic can still hit the boss.

    It's just a game design oversight that can be improved.


    That boss would benefit from showing that it's temporarily invincible and intangible - An animation, flashing white, turning translucent, etc.

    Also, the player was actually using the correct technique to damage the boss and the game still gave him a penalty.

    In future games, the experience would improved by clearly conveying danger/obstacles/enemy behavior to the player;
    When games convey mechanics in a tactful manner, it improves the experience for everybody without hindering or watering down anything for the more experienced players.
  2. In Topic: Fundamental Flaws of Classic Sonic (Mania Spoilers)

    19 August 2017 - 09:11 PM

    Excerpts from a playthrough of Sonic Mania:


    At 9:08
    The part where the player has 49 rings, misses a jump slightly, and the spikes turn into an unexpected insta KO, is this a clearly conveyed penalty that creates a challenge?
    The solution isn't to go the other direction of removing obstacles from the game, the game can convey danger clearly and still be just as challenging.
    The game can use subtle hints in the level design without hand holding or stopping the player.

    The spikes and crushing platforms do not have to be removed;
    Instead, there can be 2 downward slopes that lead you under the crusher platforms,
    and keep the spikes in the middle so they clearly will send the player down the dangerous slopes

    (platform)                    (platform)
     |                 ^^^^       
     |              /       \                  
     |        _____/         \ ______

    This more clearly conveys to the player:
    "See those spikes? They'll make you fall down slopes until you're under those crushing platforms, don't touch the spikes or it'll lead you on a slope toward an instant KO."

    Again, don't make the game easier, just clearly convey the danger and consequences to the player without having to stop them or slow down the gameplay.
  3. In Topic: Fundamental Flaws of Classic Sonic (Mania Spoilers)

    19 August 2017 - 12:15 AM

    Difficulty in games is a good thing, but requires careful handling:

    Challenges: Tests your knowledge of previously introduced mechanics, and clearly communicates what's expected of the player to be successful at the challenge. Fair game challenges are often about timing, reaction speed, and critical thinking, but do not require prior memorization of any specific layout for the player to be successful and receive no penalties.

    Frustrating difficulty: Danger appears without warning or time to react, there is little to no indication of what to do to win; Frustrating difficulty means it is nearly impossible to avoid danger or penalty without prior memorization of the layout

    Once the player fully understands the rules and mechanics of a game:

    Challenges make the player want to replay a game to get better at the game because failing never means the game is tricking you out of nowhere.
    Winning becomes more satisfying when it's by pure skill of timing and applying knowledge of mechanics.

    Frustrating difficulty hits you with a loss out of nowhere even when you fully understand and apply the game's mechanics;
    it makes a game becomes less about applying skill and more about memorization of a layout.

    For a difficult game to be challenging and fun, it can't randomly make the player loose or have a penalty without warning or conveyance, tricks and fake outs aren't a fun challenge.

    Now, here's something I'd like to see:
    Challenges and obstacles designed so that it should be reasonably possible for a very experienced player(i.e. someone already great at Sonic style platformers) to be able to do a no damage run of Sonic Mania (or a future game like it) on the first playthrough. (Because application of skill, not of layout memorization)
    Prior memorization of layout should not be necessary for a no damage run by a skilled player.
    Again, it does not mean a game should be easy, it just means a game should clearly present to the player what the challenges/obstacles are, give them time to react, and convey what is expected of the player for them to be successful.


    Can anyone do a no damage run of Sonic Mania? (or Even harder - No damage on first playthrough?)
    Things to note: For a no damage run - How much does it require prior memorization of layout, how much of the damage is properly conveyed, does all damage feel fair and avoidable?

  4. In Topic: Question: Best way to open-source an engine to the community

    26 May 2017 - 09:11 PM

    View Postcmakeshift, on 23 May 2017 - 08:00 PM, said:

    My problem is, while I'd love to develop this as much as possible before release, I simply do not have the time.
    I thought it would be a nice thing to do to just give it to the community right now, and see what can be done with it. Maybe bring on more people and then work on a fangame? Who knows.

    Is anyone really, truly interested in this? Would it be a problem to just put this up on GitHub, with the Sonic assets and all? Opinions, ideas, and angry mobs are all welcome.

    Please reconsider using MIT, BSD, or Apache 2.0;

    GPL will discourage people from using your code with existing MIT/BSD/Apache code.


    cmakeshift said:

    Thanks guys, I have settled on GPL v2.

    Please reconsider not using GPL.

    GPL will add extra restrictions that will limit the amount of people that can use your code.

    GPL is a viral license
    This means, anything you combine with GPL, must also be under GPL.
    This is bad, because relicensing existing work to GPL is not always practical.

    First of all, most new open source software is MIT licensed(at least on Github's ten million+ repositories
    Posted Image

    GPL is incompatible with MIT, BSD, Apache, and most other licenses
    This is bad because it means people can't easily use their own MIT code with your engine to add new features.

    What if someone has made a good graphics engine in MIT license,
    and then they want to combine MIT code with your GPL code for the 2D physics so they can make this?:

    If you use GPL, they can't do that, they have to relicense all of their code just to use a part of your engine,
    and most people won't relicense, they just wouldn't bother because your GPL code is incompatible with their license.

    If you use MIT, BSD, or Apache 2.0; your code can be used in many more projects; and more people can build on top of your code.

    More and projects have switched from GPL to MIT/BSD/Apache recently; because MIT/BSD/Apache is compatible with more existing code bases, AND you still receive credit and the possibility of others contributing back code. And for many many MIT licensed projects, people DO contribute back code and have dozens of contributors.

    People won't be contributing back any code at all if your GPL license means they can't use your code in the first place
  5. In Topic: Sonic Social Media Shenanigans (This totally just happened...)

    20 April 2017 - 11:37 AM

    View PostBlivsey, on 19 April 2017 - 12:07 PM, said:

    The Japanese text under nearly all the buttons is nonsensical, but the Japanese part under "Action" says:

    Which means, "More clues/secrets"



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