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Building a few USB Megadrive Devkits... offering one at cost to someone who could use it

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Posted 16 January 2018 - 03:51 PM

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A few years ago I ran across this project:

USB Megadrive Dev Kit

Posted Image

It's a piece of kit that lets you step through debug megadrive games in real time on real hardware, and also examine memory and registers. A little video on the project:

Over on people have been building small batches of these for years but never really produced a bunch all at once. So for the most part, if you want one of these, you need to either build it yourself or have someone build it for you. Well in the time since I stumbled upon the project and today, I've become more confident in my soldering abilities and have set out to build such a kit. Today, my PCBs from OSH Park came in:

Posted Image

And within the next week or two I'll be building it out. Because the minimum order size available for OSH Park is 3 PCBs, I'll be making a trio of these dev kits. I plan on keeping two for myself, but in the interest of the community I'd like to send one out to a user who would actually be able to take advantage of it. All I'm asking is for the cost of the kit to be paid, no profit on my part. If you're interested, hit me up, and I can send you an itemized breakdown of the cost of components with links to the ebay auctions I bought them from for proof of BOM. Anecdotally, the cost is about $50 or so for a completed cart.

Hope somebody find something useful for this!

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