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Sonic the Hedgehog 4 (Four) ripping Because somebody had to eventually.

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Posted 10 October 2017 - 03:04 AM

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Was browsing around looking for the level maps for Sonic 4 episode 1 & 2 but it seems nobody gives a shit. Not that I blame them but I know of a tool that can pull textures and meshes from the PC versions. It's called Ninja Ripper.

Link to Ninja Ripper

Ninja ripper is a wonderful tool that doesn't need to know file formats or any of that shit. It pulls from video games as they are running, extracting models, textures, animations, lots of things which can be imported into various formats. Now I ain't much for writing guides but this one's easy.

1) Download Ninja ripper

2) Extract the archive

3) Inside, you'll find an "X86" folder (for 32 bit applications) and an "X64" folder (for 64 bit applications). For Sonic 4, you'll be using the X64 (64-bit).

4) Double click on the "NinjaRipper.exe"

5) Now inside, you're gonna click on the "..." button next to EXE, a window will open up. From this window, choose the corresponding EXE of Episode 1 (Sonic_xp.exe) or Episode 2 (Sonic.exe).

6) Next, you're gonna set it to DX9 mode (Ninja Ripper only works on DirectX games) which is changed in the small windows below the Run button. By default, Ninja Ripper is set to "Intruder Inject" but that doesn't work on either episodes.

7) Open up Steam (on the off chance you didn't have it running already).

8) Now hit the "Run" button on Ninja Ripper which should make the game launch.

Now, in game, Ninja Ripper will rip stuff in three ways:

F10=All textures, models, etc.

F11= Just Textures

F12= Force ripped

The buttons can be changed in the Settings. Now the stuff will (by default) be ripped to the Game folder in a new "Ninja Ripper" folder. There you'll find .Rip files (for models, meshes, 3d stuff that can be imported into a 3d editor) and .DDS files (textures which can be opened in Photoshop if you have the correct plug in then exported into various formats). It's my hope that some will make some level maps rips with this knowledge (because I don't have the time or motivation) though the textures could be recycled and imported into other things. Me, I'm happy with Handy Sonic.

Truly the mascot of Sonic 4.
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