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*** HACK DETECTION *** a ROM hack checker

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Posted 07 July 2017 - 10:24 PM

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Introducing *** HACK DETECTION ***, a quick and dirty program that checks if a ROM is a hex-edited binary hack of another ROM instead of e.g. a hack based on a disassembly.

Posted Image

I wrote this because I was getting annoyed by all the poor-quality hacks that were being uploaded to the Wiki.

Basically, what it does is it compares how many bytes match in the source ROM and the hacked ROM. Hacks based on disassemblies have things shifted around everywhere, whereas hex-edited hacks don't. If more than 50% of the hacked ROM matches the source ROM, it's assumed to be a hex-edited hack, and the *** HACK DETECTION *** banner is displayed.

EDIT: My MinGW-w64 installation is apparently broken, so the 1.0 binary for Windows didn't work. The 1.0.1 binary is compiled with MSVC 2010 SP1 and should work correctly.

EDIT 2: 1.0.2 now shows "COPY DETECTION" if the two ROMs have identical contents, ignoring padding.
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