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Ristar continue times

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Posted 30 May 2016 - 05:04 PM

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One of the things that's always bugged me about Ristar is not knowing how quickly I needed to get through the bonus areas in order to get additional continues. I haven't been able to find a list of these times anywhere online. Today I spent some time looking at it with Exodus and BizHawk, and I think I've worked it out. The times start at 0x101FA in the ROM. There's a 4-byte time for each bonus area; first two bytes are whole seconds, and the last two bytes are the decimal portion (which always happen to be zero). The times are:

1-1 8 seconds
1-2 12 seconds
2-1 10 seconds
2-2 12 seconds
3-1 25 seconds
3-2 30 seconds
4-1 20 seconds
4-2 35 seconds
5-1 15 seconds
5-2 45 seconds
6-1 25 seconds
6-2 35 seconds

Immediately following, starting at 0x1022A, are the "Sega Records" shown in Time Attack mode (password DOFEEL from the menu).

Also, for anyone who is curious, the RAM address for your lives is 0xE578, and for continues it's 0xFE3B.

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