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Java and Data Is it as daunting as it really seems?

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Posted 13 January 2012 - 11:47 AM

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The low-down:

A while ago, I took a class on C#. At the same time, I was taking a 2nd class on computer system architecture, which used Morris Mano's textbook. That textbook used a fictional system used for teaching the computer system architecture theory called the mano machine, which has been simulated - simulators exist, as do assemblers. From learning about the existence of the simulators/assemblers, and wanting to show what I learned in the computer architecture course, I made a functional disassembler in C# [clenching an "A" grade in the class :D ].

Now I want to revise it, but do so in Java - but it seems, from what I have been looking at, dealing with raw hexadecimal data dumps is a bit more ... er ... complicated. Is it really that daunting? What tips would you recommend?

In my C# implementation, it took the data, converted it to a string of hexadceimal values - THAT part is what is giving me the impression, whether faux or not, of being more daunting. The tutorials I look at when I google it, I guess, gave me that impression.

EDIT: NEVERMIND, found an easy way of doing what I want.
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