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Shadow the Hedgehog general hacking discussion Formely Shadow the Hedgehog test level found

#106 User is offline sewer56lol 

Posted 27 November 2017 - 03:01 AM

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View Postcrystallize, on 16 August 2017 - 05:04 AM, said:

This video was posted back in April so I came here expecting lots of new stuff.

Hello there, that's me :3

Unfortunately only today comes the time that I can reply to you regarding this, I'd thought before that I would message you elsewhere but I didn't really find a way to reply that would be appropriate (maybe PM).

Tikal as well as Maria in Shadow The Hedgehog were actually things I didn't touch since around May and were entries originally intended for the Hack Expo, unfortunately the story is that I was very tired, fell asleep and actually accidentally overslept the deadline of the expo, thus not appearing there.

The rigging process for Shadow The Hedgehog models is nearly the exact same to the process of Heroes models for importing, there is a video guide for that by Maxx Light, it's not perfect and doesn't cover materials but it's easy to follow.
Materials wise which that guide doesn't cover, you'd need to reassign Standard Material to RW Material. Do not worry if the texture disappears, it will show if you hit render and in the actual model.

Rigging characters is actually one of the easiest more advanced things you can do in terms of Heroes and Shadow modding as we get to piggyback from the fantastic texture utility MAGIC.TXD and DFF exporter for general model exporting.
Everything else regarding Heroes & Shadow modding are our own tools and formats self reverse-engineered however, with the exception of the tools for CRI Middleware media formats such as ADX, AFS, shared between many games.

The difference between rigging models for Shadow compared to Heroes is specifically that you need to go to Editable Mesh and shift up all of the vertices by the height of the "root body bone" (placed around the crotch area) before exporting otherwise the model will be offset from the skeleton in the final export.This height by which you need to shift up by is generally 5.15.

In order to get proper character blending (not in the original two posted videos and the one linked), you will also need to not export prelights and import certain constant sections from the original file such as the game's lighting system recognizes your character to your own file, this video covers it in-depth:

(There's a summary of exporting steps at 59:09)

Should you wish for a more comprehensive model editing tutorial for Heroes and/or Shadow, feel free to request it, there's a good chance I might do a video about it or write one should it be necessary.

Without further ado, I suppose it's time I release it.



Rail grinding and wall running is a bit wonky since this is actually a mod for Knuckles which was then ported over Shadow and their animations are incompatible (but almost every other characters' are with shadow, damn Knuckles), otherwise it's pretty solid and is still the most advanced Shadow character mod to date.
If you want to swap animations, I've reversed the .MTP (MotionPackage?) file format, you can get an exporter and importer from here:

Tikal: https://cdn.discorda...777345/Tikal.7z

For Tikal, take the DFF models from MODELS V2, as well as the files in root folder and repack into, with MainMemory's HeroesONE, for Maria simply switch As for rebuilding a GC ROM, I'll leave that to you.

I also found something on my hard drive that I never finished reversing, perhaps it will help someone:

//--- 010 Editor v7.0.2 Binary Template
//  	File: .BON File (Shadow The Hedgehog External Bone Structure file for Animations, Export from DFF Model)
//   Authors: Sewer56lol
	struct FILE {
    	struct HEADER 
        	char	Activator[4];
        	uint	Null;
        	ushort  Unknown;
        	ushort  Entries;
        	float   RootOfBone;
        	char	CharacterNameID[32];
    	} header;

    	struct RECORD {
        	uint	BoneTag; // Properties in 3DS
        	uint	UnknownRootID; // SomeID
        	short   UnknownValue; // Some Value
        	byte	IDOfSplit;
        	byte	UnknownID;
        	int 	NullZero;
        	float   OffsetParentBoneX;
        	float   OffsetParentBoneY;
        	float   OffsetParentBoneZ;
        	int 	Null;   		// Always Null
        	float   UnknownReferenceFloatX;  // Seems to reference something else
        	float   UnknownReferenceFloatY;  // Seems to reference something else
        	float   UnknownReferenceFloatZ;  // Seems to reference something else
        	int 	NullTwo;    	// Always Null
        	float   UnknownFloatX2; // Almost always 1
        	float   UnknownFloatY2; // Almost always 1
        	float   UnknownFloatZ2; // Almost always 1
        	int 	NullThree;  	// Always Null
        	char	UnknownTwo[16];
        	char	BoneName[32];
    	} record[ header.Entries ];

	} file;

## Shadow The Hedgehog .BON Struct
## Sewer56lol

0x10 Header: Constant
0x10 Character Name/Identifier (Must change for porting)

Bone Data | 0x80 Byte Entries till EOF
0x10 X Offset of Parent Bone | Float
0x14 Y Offset of Parent Bone | Float
0x18 Z Offset of Parent Bone | Float
0x60 File Name | End of Entry

Knuckles Reference:
kn_root = Root Bone
kn_j_l2toge1 = Left Spines
kn_j_head = Head
kn_j_m1oge1 = Middle Spines
kn_j_r2toge1 = Right Spines

I'm also going to say that you might see the possibility of both custom levels for this game and exporting levels from this game within the near future.
This post has been edited by sewer56lol: 02 June 2018 - 04:31 PM

#107 User is offline crystallize 

Posted 02 May 2018 - 09:28 PM

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View Postsewer56lol, on 27 November 2017 - 03:01 AM, said:

View Postcrystallize, on 16 August 2017 - 05:04 AM, said:

This video was posted back in April so I came here expecting lots of new stuff.

Hello there, that's me :3

(There's a summary of exporting steps at 59:09)

I tried watching your videos back then, but the length and the manner of presentation with text being typed in real time scared me away.

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