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Two new branches in git

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Posted 21 February 2011 - 08:57 AM

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There's two new branches in the git repository for testing out some experimental new features:

  • M68K_Mem-dispatch: Converts the function pointer tables to a single dispatch function with inline functions. This is also done for Z80. Note that if the Z80 program counter exceeds 0x3FFF, it will currently crash due to dereferencing a NULL pointer. I'll eventually fix this by eliminating the separate instruction fetch function and simply using memory read for everything. The only downside of this method is that it's slightly slower.

  • Blip_Buffer: Experimental new branch that uses Blargg's Blip_Buffer library to resample PSG audio. The resampled PSG is much better than the interpolated PSG currently found in Gens/GS. The only real problems will be figuring out how to interface YM2612, PWM, CDDA, and PCM with Blip_Buffer while maintaining the correct sampling rate. This probably won't be finished for a while, so don't expect it in Gens/GS II 1.0.

I'm also working on some potential improvements for VDP rendering, but right now my benchmarks are showing that performance with the changes I've made is either not any better or slightly worse, so I probably won't commit these changes immediately.

The git repository is available at;a=summary .
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